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Hail the King Chapter 722.2

Chapter 722: Price (Part Two)

A light noise sounded as if someone tore a piece of paper, but it somehow felt thunderous to people. Before people could react, a red line appeared on each of the four Moon-Class Elites of Leon. This red line went from their foreheads down to their crotches, and blood spurted out.

These four people were cut in half vertically, and the eight pieces of broken corpses fell from the sky along with the blood and organs.

The four masters who were domineering a moment ago were now eight pieces of broken corpses.

Instant kill!

Instant kill again!

Everyone on the battlefield was stunned and lost the ability to think and speak for a moment.

“Killing four Moon-Class Elites in a split second. This… what is going on?” they thought after a while.

The morale of the soldiers and commanders of Leon was greatly hindered again. Even though the Royal Drum of Leon just raised it, it plummeted again.

The soldiers and commanders of Leon didn’t understand why this Zenitian, who didn’t have the temperament of a master, was capable of such power! They couldn’t believe that their Moon-Class Elites were easily killed like sheep!


A loud explosion noise sounded, and it woke everyone up from their shock.

After killing the four masters of Leon, Fei turned around and flexed with composure. As he punched out, a huge, shiny golden fist mark flew out and shattered the dash of red fire energy that attacked him from behind. Even though Fei moved later, his strike wasn’t slower.

The terrifying energy waves instantly dispersed into the area, and the chaotic energy settled after a while.

Now, there was a huge figure at where the four Moon-Class Elites of Leon stood before. He looked like a beast, and he was wearing a set of dark armor.

This man looked young; he seemed like he was about 25 years old. However, he was more than 2.5 meters tall. His body was huge, his skin was dark, and his face looked ugly. His skin was wrinkly as if it were filled with scars, and his curly hair was tied into many braids. He had a lot of body hair, and his teeth were sharp, making him look like an ape.

As he stood in the air with an angry expression, an indescribable pressure appeared. It seemed like he was oppressive as a huge mountain.

“Unforgivable! You dirty and stupid native! I, a prince of Leon, already told you to stop!” This huge, ugly man with the dark skin stared at Fei and said viciously as murderous spirit flashed in his eyes.

The king shrugged and replied, “Oh, sorry. Your reaction was too slow, and you spoke too late!”

“You, are dead!” The ‘Black Ape’ was stunned for a moment before getting enraged.

Bloody-red lights were flashing in his eyes, and a mystic energy that was coming off him was about to envelop Fei.

His tone was really overbearing, and it sounded like he was scolding someone who was many levels below him. It meant that this person was a high-level decision maker and was used to giving commands.

He was arrogant. Even though Fei had showcased impressive strength, he still looked down on the king.

When he said those words to Fei, it didn’t feel like he was threatening the king. Instead, it felt like he was simply stating an inevitable truth.

All of this indicated that this person was a powerful master, and that his strength was beyond profound, far exceeding the level of the other masters of Leon.

In front of his pressing presence, ordinary Moon-Class Elites couldn’t even stand in front of him for a few seconds before experiencing mental collapses, let alone battle with him.

However, Fei wasn’t an ordinary Moon-Class Elite.

“What? Damn, do you think I don’t know how to show-off?” The king instantly destroyed the atmosphere that this ‘Black Ape’ had built. He continued, “Big Ape, don’t try to compete with me in this field; you are far less experienced.”

“Ignorant low-life! You will pay the price for your rudeness! You will suffer in pain!” The ‘Black Ape’ was extremely angry. For many years now, no one dared to speak to him this way.

With a vicious smile on his face that revealed his sharp yellow teeth, cruel remarks came out of his throat in a hoarse tone, “Just for what you said, I promise you that I will kill every single Zenitian, whether they are male or female, old or young! I will kill all of you dirty natives who don’t deserve to have land to live on!”

“Ignorant high-level idiot, congratulations! You have successfully angered me!” Fei’s expression also turned cold. “I don’t like being threatened, so you will pay the price for what you said as well. This price is not much – just your life!”

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