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Hail the King Chapter 723.1

Chapter 723: Terrifying Power (Part One)

As soon as Fei said that, he moved without hesitation.

An orange Sword of the Land that was more than 100 meters long suddenly appeared without a sign, and it struck down at the ‘Black Ape.’ At the same time, orange lights shined below the ‘Black Ape’ from the ground, sucking down at him with great force and making him unable to move.

A series of gasps sounded.

Fei’s attack speed was way too fast. Also, since he showed more power than before, this Sword of the Land was on another level! Its speed, energy, aura, and damage all doubled at least!

As a result, this ‘Black Ape’ who was in a set of dark armor was in a tough situation.

“You are seeking your death!” A series of beast-like roars sounded.

In the next moment, the ‘Black Ape’ spat out a ton of terrifying red flames as if he were the burning Sun.

The temperature in the surroundings instantly increased drastically, and hissing noises sounded as the moisture in the air was being evaporated. The blood on the ground soon dried up, and the corpses turned burnt and charcoal-like.

In addition, even the ground was turned black as if a fire burned through.

“Fire Destruction Fist!”

The ‘Black Ape’ shouted like a madman, and he used his insane physical strength to break free from the force field, just like how a giant beast could break a hunter’s trap.

Then, his entire right arm turned into a burning fire dragon. As he punched out, this fire dragon flew out as its roar resonated in the area, trying to kill Fei without mercy.


As a loud noise sounded, the Sword of the Land and the Fire Destruction Fist collided without any fancy visuals.

“This isn’t the Sword of the Land!” As soon as they attacked, the ‘Black Ape’ was knocked away, and he shouted in surprise.

He finally realized what was happening.

After colliding with that huge orange energy sword, that repulsive force made him sense the strangeness of Fei’s strength.

Although everything looked the same and seemed perfect, it wasn’t the case. The energy coming off the huge sword was unique and hard to comprehend; it wasn’t the firm and steady earth-elemental warrior energy.

“Hahaha!” Fei laughed crazily as he approached this ‘Black Ape’.

His long black hair fluttered in the wind, and he looked like a demon deity, making people feel like he was invincible.

Then, a streak of wilder and more explosive energy appeared on Fei. As he raised his hand, the orange energy flames on him suddenly turned into red fire elemental energy!

Something even more unimaginable occurred!

“Fire Destruction Fist!”

Fei punched out, and a fire dragon enveloped his right arm before roaring so that everyone in the area could hear it. Then, this fire dragon flew out and dashed at the ‘Black Ape.’ It was the same technique that the ‘Black Ape’ used, but it seemed more powerful in Fei’s hands.

“You… how do you know this fist technique?” The ‘Black Ape’ was surprised and mad at the same time.

His was a prestigious prince who had real power, and he was one of the few most influential figures in the Leon Empire. Therefore, his bloodline and talent were all top-tier.

Although he looked ugly, had a hot temper, and was cruel, he had a photographic memory. He read almost all of the combat techniques and cultivation techniques in the Royal Library of Leon, and he mastered several combat techniques and secret techniques.

Despite all that, he was still shocked by this.

“This Zenitian is too strange!” he thought. “In a short time, he used the ultimate combat techniques of the Moon-Class Elites on our side repeatedly, and he even used my ultimate technique, Fire Destruction Fist! It seems like he didn’t know these techniques beforehand. This is because…”

This ‘Black Ape’ was knowledgeable and knew many things, so he knew what was happening. He realized that this young Zenitian in front of him could instantly learn and comprehend all the techniques that he saw!

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