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Hail the King Chapter 723.2

Chapter 723: Terrifying Power (Part Two)

What surprised this ‘Black Ape’ even more was that his opponent didn’t just learn them; this young man was able to refine the techniques in split seconds! The same technique used by this Zenitian was more powerful and dealt more damage compared with the person who mastered it in the first place!

“What is this ability?”


After seeing the power of his opponent, the ‘Black Ape’ didn’t get scared. Instead, he was full of energy, and he couldn’t wait to battle with Fei.

As one of the most powerful young men in the Leon Empire, it was hard for him to meet someone who could rival him. However, this young Zenitian in front of him was much younger, but the strength that this person had was powerful! This made the ‘Black Ape’ want to completely obliterate his opponent and get that thrill of slaughtering his opponent!

“Let’s see how much you can learn! Fire Extermination Fist!”

A cloud of black, swirling fire appeared in the hand of the ‘Black Ape’, and it grew bigger and bigger as it spun. Gradually, a huge amount of suction force appeared as if it were a black hole, and all the air, energy, and mist were sucked into it without exception.

The fire dragon that came from Fei’s Fire Destruction Fist was also sucked into the black fire. After a few angry roars, that fire dragon quickly disappeared from the world.

Seeing this, Fei’s expression didn’t change.

He opened his hand, and a cloud of black fire appeared as well. As it also started to swirl and spin quickly, the suction force appeared too. As if a swirl suddenly appeared in the sea, it grew bigger and bigger and was enough to pull everything into it.

The two terrifying fiery black holes finally collided.

No explosion nor shocking energy waves appeared. The two black holes started to devour and tear into each other in silence. In the end, the two clouds of black fire disappeared like two drops of ink into a clear pond, completely diluting and vanishing.

“Damn it! Do you only know how to copy? Dirty Native, bring out your real strength and battle with me! Hahaha! Didn’t you say that you want my life? If all you know is copying me, I’m afraid that you can’t do anything to me!” The ‘Black Ape’ shouted in disdain, trying to provoke Fei.

In reality, he was already shocked to his core.

Fire Extermination Fist was a unique combat technique that he created based on Fire Destruction Fist, and only he knew how to use it in this world. However, as soon as he used it once, his opponent completely comprehended the technique.

“A genius? A monstrous genius?”

The murderous spirit in the mind of this ‘Black Ape’ already reached its max, and he was determined to kill this genius of Zenit before he grew into someone super powerful. This way, he could take out a big threat to the Leon Empire early on!

“Hahaha! Since this is the case, then I will stop playing with you! Take this!”

Fei also didn’t want to keep on playing.

He suppressed his power and tried to attack enemy masters. He was quite successful at it; he killed eight Moon-Class Elites and severely injured one.

However, this was about the best that he could do; he couldn’t continue acting anymore.

He wasn’t sure if there were Sun-Class Lords on the side of Leon, but he knew that this ‘Black Ape’ was of prestigious status. If he could kill him, the Royal Family of Leon would be hurt significantly, and his job here would be done.

After thinking about that, Fei changed his mind and turned back to his initial golden energy flames, looking majestic and god-like.

As he waved his hand, a shiny energy hand that was about two meters in each dimension appeared before him, following Fei’s move and clenching into a fist as Fei did so. The fingers on this golden energy hand looked like the petals of a golden lotus, and they left a series of afterimages in the air as they moved.

As a result of Fei’s movements, the huge golden energy fist looked stunning and beautiful.

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  1. Maybe Fei have Sharingan? ahahahaha 😀

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  2. Draghnof

    It’s a good time to stop acting because the next ones who will come battle with Fei once he killed the Prince are most likely Sun Class Lord 🙂

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