Chapter 724: Chase (Part One)

“Invincible Emperor Fist!”

Fei punched out, and the golden energy fist dashed forward like a meteor while drawing a long tail.

“Hahaha! Idiot! Die! Fire Supreme Fist!”

The ‘Black Ape’ saw that the king stop mimicking his combat techniques, and he was secretly thrilled. He knew how terrifying Fei’s copying ability was; it was on the level of god!

Since his opponent ditched the unique and powerful ability after the provocation, the ‘Black Ape’ felt like he obtained a rare opportunity.

Therefore, he instantly used his most powerful technique, the Fire Supreme Fist.

The vague image of a god of fire appeared behind him. This god was burly and wearing a fancy traditional robe, looking like a supreme entity in the world and making people fearful of his existence.

As the ‘Black Ape’ punched out, dashes of lights shot out of this god’s eyes from the image, and the god in this image bent his arms, raised his hands, and punched down. It looked like this strike was about to tear space and destroy the world.

This was the most powerful punch of this ‘Black Ape’.


The golden energy fist of [Invincible Emperor Fist] collided with the fist of the god in the image accurately.

Huge explosive energy waves expanded and dispersed into the area.

Terrifying dark clouds appeared and covered the sky before expanding even further, and dust on the ground merged with dark-red energy clouds before ascending into the air, looking as if a huge beautiful yet lethal flower appeared in this world.

For a moment, this was the most eye-catching thing in the region.

All the people around the battlefield watched this pretty and dangerous flower as they held onto their breath, and the nervousness that they were feeling couldn’t be described with words.

To the people of the Leon Empire, even though the person who was representing Leon in the battle was their legendary Prince Gomi that never suffered a defeat since his uprise, this Zenitian who was fighting with him brought them too much shock and threw them into desperation again and again. They suddenly felt like the victory wasn’t that easy to obtain.

To the people of the Zenit Empire, although the King of Chambord was famous for his power and recklessness, they weren’t entirely sure if he could still hold up under the pressure from a high-level empire after consecutive battles. They were concerned about his stamina and energy level.

When people are emotionally invested, they will lose their composure and ability to reason.

Therefore, under the cover of the huge dark clouds, the outcome of the battle already appeared under everyone’s nose.

A dash of black light suddenly flashed away like a bolt of lightning, and a person was flying to the back of the troops of Leon with a shocked and terrified expression on his face, looking like a defeated dog that had its tail between its legs.

This person was the ‘Black Ape’ Gomi, the legendary prince of the Leon Empire.

As soon as Gomi and Fei’s fists collided, this prince knew that he still underestimated his opponent.

He realized that this handsome and black-haired opponent was even more terrifying when not copying his techniques. The amount of power in that golden energy fist was far beyond Gomi’s expectation, and so was Fei’s realm.

Therefore, although Gomi still had some trump cards that he didn’t reveal yet, he knew that those trump cards would be useless since his opponent could crush all of them and even kill him using that mighty power.

Therefore, this prince made up his mind and quickly escaped.

Although escaping was shameful, he could die if he didn’t.

He could still try to redeem himself after being shamed, but he would lose everything if he died.

The decisiveness of this prince was far beyond the people in his age group.

Fei didn’t expect the arrogant and showy prince of the Leon Empire to escape instantly. After all, his opponent wasn’t really injured from that collision.

Therefore, when Fei quickly reacted to this situation, his opponent already fled away.

However, the king wasn’t going to let such a powerful enemy, who posed a real threat to Zenit, get away.

Fei instantly dashed forward and chased after Prince Gomi without hesitation, and his afterimages looked like they tore an opening in the sky.

No one anticipated this drastic change in the situation.

The people who reacted first were the Leonians. Although the escape of their legendary Prince Gomi caused their morale to plummet, many magic arrows were shot out of the campsites of Leon under the orders of the commanders. Like a big herd of hungry locusts, the arrows dashed toward Fei who was chasing after Gomi.

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