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Hail the King Chapter 724.2

Chapter 724: Chase (Part Two)

The magic equipment and devices of the Leon Empire far exceeded the level of Zenit.

However, these powerful arrows that were enough to kill ordinary Moon-Class Elites couldn’t even get close to Fei’s body. Before getting within ten meters of Fei, they were all bounced back as if they ran into an invisible metal defense wall.

While chasing after Prince Gomi, Fei didn’t show mercy to the invaders. As he dashed forward in the sky, he punched down at the ground repeatedly. His terrifying force bombarded the ground as if he were a heavy bomber, creating massive explosions and energy waves in the well-organized formations and campsites of Leon and messing up the troops of Leon.

There were quite a few powerful yet loyal masters in the troops of Leon. Even though they knew that they were no match for Fei, they leaped into the air and tried to stop Fei by using their bodies to save their prince.

However, they were turned into clouds of blood mist by the mere residual energies that were a result of the battle between Fei and Gomi.

Anyone who was below the realm of Moon-Class couldn’t get involved in the battle of the real masters, and they would instantly die if they were more than 100 meters above the ground.

“All of you! Go up and stop him!”

Prince Gomi of Leon was stunned by Fei’s punch, and he no longer wanted to battle. Seeing that the distance between him and Fei getting smaller and smaller, he knew that he couldn’t get away like this.

He landed on the ground decisively and ran in the formations of his troops. He was using the soldiers and commanders of Leon as meat shields, and he ordered the troops of Leon to use their lives to make up the difference between strengths to stop Fei’s chase.

He was literally asking the ordinary soldiers to die for him.

Under his order, the ordinary soldiers and commanders of Leon all charged up fearlessly, using their bodies as a thick defense-line between Prince Gomi and the King of Chambord.

Using the human sea attack against a master was a cruel strategy.

In theory, even if a Sun-Class Lord had to use his or her warrior energies or magic energies non-stop, there would be a point in which they would turn weak and be tired out. However, if that were measured with the lives of ordinary soldiers, millions of them would have to be sacrificed before that would happen.

However, Fei was a barbarian; he used pure physical strength and not warrior energy, and he had potions to recover his stamina instantly. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid of the human sea attack.

Fei ignored all the soldiers of Leon who were charging at him with weapons. He chased after that ‘Black Ape’, and everything that was within ten meters of him was turned into blood mist by his invisible and invincible physical strength.

A path of blood instantly formed, and Fei’s speed didn’t slow down one bit.

Roars, screams, gasps, and scolds all sounded at the same time.

The two super masters disrupted the strictly controlled and orderly formations of the troops of Leon as one of them tried to flee while the other one chased, turning things chaotic and disorderly.

This was the effect of super masters in war.

The legendary Prince Gomi of Leon tried to get away, but Fei chased after him tightly. All the troops of Leon moved around like a pot of boiling water, getting chaotic, but they couldn’t save their prince from Fei’s chase.

Seeing Fei getting closer and closer, the ‘Black Ape’ got more and more anxious. His opponent’s death chase terrified him, and that sharp murderous spirit was already poking the back of his heart.

Since no master on the side of Leon could stop the powerful Fei, Gomi turned his eyes as a wicked smile appeared on his face. After a split-second pause in the air, he dashed toward the troops of the Ormond Empire.

“There should be powerful masters on the side of Ormond who can stop this damn Zenitian!” he thought; he was planning to throw this hot potato onto the lap of Ormondians.

-On the main gate of St. Petersburg-

Zenit’s God of War Arshavin was seeing all this with a magic telescope, and he already had a plan. With an overjoyed expression on his face, he sent out a list of commands.

The main gate of St. Petersburg that was tightly shut all this time opened.

The cavalry of Zenit who were all fully-armed dashed out of the city like a wave of black flood, and the clip-clop noises resonated in the sky. In a uniformed formation, they dashed into the troops of Leon that were in chaos and attacked mercilessly!

The counterattack of the Zenitians began!

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