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Hail the King Chapter 725.1

Chapter 725: The Provocation During Escaping (Part One)

Fei noticed what happened behind him.

The fact that Crown Prince Arshavin chose this moment and decided to order the soldiers of Zenit to launch the counterattack showed the courage that ordinary commanders didn’t have, and he was worthy of his nickname which was Zenit’s God of War.

He chose 10,000 elite cavaliers who were most mobile and quickest to launch the counterattack, and these soldiers dashed out of St. Petersburg like wind and rushed into the formations and campsites of the united enemy troops.

Since the troops of Leon were in chaos and were close to the main gate of the city, they were attacked first, instantly resulting in a lot of casualties.

Since the Zenit Empire was now in a slight advantage, Fei stopped paying attention to them and chased after the ‘Black Ape’ Gomi wholeheartedly.

There were the campsites of four to five smaller empires between the campsites of the Leon Empire and the Ormond Empire.

In the beginning, there were some masters from these empires who didn’t see the battle that just took place between the king and Prince Gomi of Leon, and they dashed into the air, trying to stop Fei.

However, after seeing several masters who dashed at Fei getting turned into corpses and dropped at an even faster descending speed, all the masters were stunned by Fei’s ferociousness and didn’t dare to jump out to stop him anymore.

Fei didn’t show any mercy along the way.

Just like what he did to the troops of Leon, he punched down whenever he saw large sieging equipment and magic items, turning them into dust. Wherever Fei went, people fell, and their horses got flipped.

Chaos instantly spread in these orderly and organized campsites and formations of the united enemies, and screams and gasps sounded everywhere.

If Fei had [The Throne of Chaos], he would have gotten to that ‘Black Ape’ already.

However, since that throne was being used to protect [Demonic Woman] Paris, the Barbarian wasn’t great at movement speed, and Fei didn’t want to expose his real strength, he chased after the dominant Prince Gomi of Leon. Even though the distance between them was getting closer and closer, it would still take a while for the king to catch up completely.

This was a part of Fei’s plan.

With the ‘Black Ape’ running in the front and causing disruption to other empires’ troops, Fei chased after and did the most amount of damage to them, almost flipping all the campsites of this so-called Ten-Empire United Troops upside-down. This would create a lot of opportunities for the cavalry of Zenit who was now raiding the enemies.

Arshavin was known as Zenit’s God of War. If he could really capitalize on this opportunity, even if he couldn’t completely obliterate the enemies, he could at least solve the current problem of St. Petersburg being surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Under the intentional destruction of the unparalleled King of Chambord, the battlefields outside St. Petersburg turned messy and disorderly.

“Hahaha! Dirty Zenitian! You can’t catch up with me! You can’t kill me!” ‘Black Ape’ Gomi let out a series of laughter in the air.

After dashing forward for a while, the yellow campsites of the Ormond Empire were now visible to him, so he calmed down.

He heard that Sun-Class Lords were hidden in the troops of Ormond, so he was confident that this powerful Zenitian was going to be killed soon. Therefore, his duty right now was to continue to provoke his opponent and make sure that his opponent would chase after him and enter the territory that was being controlled by the Ormond Empire.

“Didn’t you say that you want to kill me? Didn’t you say that the price of offending you is great? Dirty b*stard! Come at me! Hahaha!”

“The Leon Empire won’t forgive you! After I escape, I will lead more powerful troops of Leon and kill every single Zenitian!”

“The Zenit Empire is filled with a low-level, dirty race! You should have disappeared from the Continent a long time ago! You don’t even deserve to be a slave!”

‘Black Ape’ Gomi’s laughter sounded in the sky continuously.

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  1. Draghnof

    I wondered how so much soldiers who were several empires away made their way here … For the Ormond Empire, it’s thanks to the flying ships but for the Leon Empire … I mean which empires would let an army of another empire made their way in their territories ? Now that it’s known that these empires are in fact allies then it’s more logic.

    The only thing who is unknown now is why are so much empires attacking our Zenite empires?

    At first I thought it was to revenge the head mage who was killed in the special plane for the Leon empire and to test their new commander (one sword) loyalty for Ormond empire and that they made an alliance of opportunity but it seems there is more to it ….

    I don’t think it’s because of the Church, the attack began just after the defeat at Chambord and it needs time to rally so much empires and troops … And I don’t think the higher ups of the Church had planned their defeat at Chambord ….

  2. bananaisblue

    I presume the count may reach 1-2 million plus soldiers on the United side. They lost 100 thousands soldiers already and they dont care about it. As for the casus belli of this war, it has already been stated that some high level empires might be aware of incoming chaos. Which will lead to continental scale war. Thus, those empires will try to quickly accumulate resources by allying and conquering smaller empires like Zenit.

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