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Hail the King Chapter 725.2

Chapter 725: The Provocation During Escaping (Part Two)

This prince was able to flex and pull back when necessary, and he was genuinely shameless as well. In fact, he was the most shameless person that Fei had ever seen!

People like this prince are similar to poisonous snakes. If you don’t kill them in one blow, they might recover and inject venom into your blood vessels instead of being scared of you.

Therefore, Fei’s murderous spirit intensified, and he chased after his opponent quickly without saying a word.

Dark-yellow energy flames burned in the area in front of them, and it looked like a huge yellow curtain.

This legendary Prince Gomi of Leon raised his hand and showed a token before dashing through the yellow curtain and into the campsites of Ormond.

The Ormond Empire was a level 7 empire on this continent for a reason. Although they were far away from the Zenit Empire and didn’t send too many soldiers, the less than 20,000 Ormondians here were still the most powerful force amongst the ten empires in the alliance.

Fei only tried to sense the aura of powerful masters using his spirit energy from far away, and he was sure that there were at least more than ten Moon-Class Elites in the troops of Ormond.

In addition, there were several powerful magic array formations set up around the campsites, making sure that no one could get through their defense-line without them knowing. They were really cautious.

The yellow energy flames in front of Fei was the defensive magic array formation that the Ormondians set up outside their campsites.

Only people who had the magic tokens such as the one that ‘Black Ape’ Gomi showed before could pass safely without triggering alarms.

However, Fei was feeling powerful and heroic. As he roared, he punched out at the magic energy flames in front of him as if he were a tiger that was back in the woods and a dragon that was swimming in oceans. He instantly shattered the magic energy flames and charged into the campsites of the Ormondians.

“How dare you!”


“Reckless! How dare you attack the campsites of the Ormond Empire?”

“Capture this native and decapitate him in public to scare the enemies!”

As soon as Fei charged through the yellow magic energy flames, he heard shouts sounding all around him.

Several figures flashed and charged at him in yellow armors like bolts of lightning, trying to sneak-attack him with powerful energies.

These were all the Moon-Class Elites of Ormond.

“Hahahaha! F*ck off!” Fei laughed like a madman and attacked mercilessly.

The king didn’t like these Ormondians. After all, they attacked Chambord for no reason and caused a lot of casualties.

A sea of golden energy flames instantly appeared. As the king punched out, the two Moon-Class Elites who charged at him were turned into two clouds of blood mist and died without having full corpses.

The two terrifying golden energy fists dashed forward like two giant meteors. As they created a series of ear-piercing noises, they instantly obliterated those two masters and then landed in the campsites of Ormond like nuclear bombs, creating two mushroom clouds right away.

As a result, the casualty count in the campsites of Ormond reached a new height.

This scene terrified ‘Black Ape’ Gomi who was staying in the air not too far away and trying to watch Fei get killed.

Fei’s strength that was suddenly elevated almost made him pee his pants.

He thought that the masters of Ormond could tie down this terrifying Zenitian, but two of them already got killed before they could even approach him.

The fact that this Zenitian killed two Moon-Class Elites of Ormond this easily made this ‘Black Ape’ sense a chill that ran up his spine and reached his skull.

All the hair on his body stood up, and he no longer felt safe in the campsites of Ormond.

With a scream, he dashed toward the Xuan’ge Legion of Ormond which was further back.

A bit further away from the campsite of Ormond, six Xuan’ge were floating in the air.

Five of them were about 50 meters long and about 13 to 14 meters wide, much smaller than the one which was captured by the Chambord Kingdom. These five Xuan’ge surrounded a huge Xuan’ge, protecting it in the middle.

The Xuan’ge that was being protected in the middle was on par with the one that was captured by Chambord, and it looked almost identical to that one.

These six Xuan’ge floated in the air, looking like six ancient battle beasts that traveled through time.

Even though they were silent, they looked vicious and terrifying.

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