Chapter 726: A Carefully Calculated Trap (Part One)

Xuan’ge was one of the key assets that the Ormondians had that allowed them to become one of the super powerhouses on the continent.

In fact, they were among very few empires that had dominating power in the sky.

‘Black Ape’ Gomi laughed arrogantly and waved his hands at Fei provocatively. Then, he dashed into the formation of the Xuan’ge before disappearing like an earthworm.

Fei sneered and approached quickly.

His vast amount of spirit energy instantly rushed forward like tidal waves and enveloped the pressing Xuan’ge Legion that looked dangerous. Almost in an instant, he got a clear understanding of the strength of this Xuan’ge Legion. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to dash forward and chased after Prince Gomi of Leon who disappeared from his vision.

As if they didn’t discover Fei’s approaching, the six Xuan’ge floated in the air quietly like sleeping beasts.

Soon, Fei was less than 500 meters away from the Xuan’ge.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, four eye-piercing red energy beams suddenly lit up the sky, breaking all the calmness.

As if the sleeping beasts opened their eyes and showed their fangs, the two Xuan’ge in the front suddenly shook violently as red energy flames flashed, and the four light beams shot out of their fronts.

With terrifying destructive power, they quickly locked onto Fei and dashed toward him.

Magic cannon!

These were the attacks from the magic cannons!

The power of the magic cannons of the Ormond Empire was impressive, and Fei experienced it first hand.

These magic cannons were the top-tier products of the magic civilization in this world. If they accurately struck their enemies, those people would be instantly killed if they weren’t at least Sun-Class Lords.

Although these two Xuan’ge in the front of the formation weren’t on the level of the one that attacked Chambord, the magic cannons that were situated on them weren’t weaker.

The red energy beams that were shot out were destructive, and they instantly arrived in front of Fei as soon as they left the magic cannons.

It was almost impossible to dodge these energy beams!

It was clear that this was a carefully calculated trap!

Although the Ormondians who were on the Xuan’ge kept quiet, it was clear that they had been prepared and planned this trap, waiting for Fei to get into the optimal attack range of the magic cannons.

As soon as the king got in range, four magic cannons launched attacks instantly and locked down the potential escape paths of Fei.

The Ormondians wanted to kill Fei right here right now!

Seeing this, the people of Zenit who were observing the situation on the defense wall of St. Petersburg were enraged!

After Fei killed the masters of Leon in front of the main gate of St. Petersburg, the pressure that the Capital was facing from all sides was alleviated a little.

Although Crown Prince Arshavin didn’t get along with Fei, he knew what was important at the moment, and he gave out a series of orders that coordinated with Fei’s actions.

By now, most of the Zenitians on the defense wall knew that this savior who suddenly appeared was the King of Chambord.

The King of Chambord dashed down from the sky and killed several masters of the enemies, saving the day.

All the commanders who were in charge of defending the other gates of St. Petersburg all received the order from Arshavin, and they were told to open up the gate and counterattack when the King of Chambord disrupted the formations of the enemies in their respective battlefields.

A moment ago, when the King of Chambord flew over the formations and campsites of the enemies, screams and groans resonated in the sky.

All the soldiers and commanders of Zenit were thrilled, and they couldn’t help but admire the King of Chambord who was dominating and heroic.

As a result, Fei’s bad reputation of making a mess in the Capital was washed away entirely in this war.

Heroes only rise in times of chaos.

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