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Hail the King Chapter 726.2

Chapter 726: A Carefully Calculated Trap (Part Two)

St. Petersburg was on the verge of collapse, and the Zenitians were very anxious. At this moment, Fei appeared in time and became the true hero in the Zenitians’ minds under Paris’ plan.

The King of Chambord’s invincible power offered the Zenitians a sliver of hope in this war which heavily favored the enemies.

Therefore, the attention of hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Zenit was all focused on him.

When the Zenitians saw the King of Chambord chasing after that prince of Leon as if he were hunting down an animal, they felt like all the frustration and anger on their minds were vented.

Now, all the soldiers of Zenit who finally saw the sliver of hope felt desperate when they saw the despicable Ormondians using the magic cannons on their Xuan’ge to attack the King of Chambord!

The power of these magic cannons was experienced by the Zenitians before; the Ormondians used the magic cannons when sieging the city. Every time the Zenitians thought back to those moments, the hair on their bodies would stand straight.

However, for whatever reason, one of the Xuan’ge left the formation and went somewhere, and the other six Xuan’ge also stopped attacking and pulled out of the siege. Otherwise, St. Petersburg might have been conquered already.

At this moment, the four energy beams from the magic cannons instantly enveloped the King of Chambord under everyone’s watchful eyes.

As soon as the four energy beams collided at the King of Chambord’s location, a huge light sphere appeared as if there were another sun in the sky. The light from this sphere instantly penetrated through all the dust and smoke, overpowering everything else and turning everything in the region red.

Almost everyone felt like their eyes were burning, and their tears appeared in their eyes instantly.

This light blinded the ordinary soldiers who were closer to this light sphere, and they screamed in pain.

This scene was terrifying.

Then, this light sphere started to grow and expand like an inflating balloon.

In the next moment, a huge explosive noise sounded, and terrifying energy waves tore several cracks in the dark-red sky. These cracks led to the void, and they looked like giant mouths that wanted to devour everything in this world.

This terrifying scene looked like the gods in heaven were angry and were condemning the King of Chambord.

Several kilometers away, the soldiers and commanders of Zenit were suffocated under the pressure, and the weak ones fainted.

This just went to show how much pressure the King of Chambord was taking in the center of the explosion. It was a force beyond the realm of mortals!

“Even if the King of Chambord is mighty, he is made from flesh. How can he handle this?” people thought.

Seeing the space in the center of the explosion collapsing and falling into the void, the Zenitians felt hopeless and turned cold.

They prayed to the gods dearly and finally got a powerful hero who was going to save them.

“However, before he could save us and lead us to victory, he died to the trap of the Ormondians! Are the gods trying to wipe out Zenit?” the Zenitians thought.

-In the high sky-

Standing on [The Throne of Chaos], Paris stared at the center of the explosion tightly.

[The Throne of Chaos] was out of her control, so she could only stay here and wait; she couldn’t get closer to the center of the explosion to check.

“You will be alright, Little Man. You will endure through this, right? Come on, show yourself! Do you hear me… You will be alright!”

The more invested someone is, the less rational that person is.

This [Demonic Woman] who was known to be cold, cruel, and mercilessly murmured to herself in a crying tone.

“Hahaha! You dead! Haha! You are finally dead! Didn’t you say that you want to kill me? Hahaha! Now, Zenit is done!”

Inside the green magic energy sphere of the Xuan’ge which was the closest to the center of the explosion, the legendary Prince Gomi of Leon stood on the deck of this barge and laughed arrogantly like a madman.

His loud laughter resonated throughout the entire region, and it was filled with a vicious thrill.

The Zenitians were angered, but they felt powerless.

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    awww, I thought the MC would trigger all the self-destruct devices in the airships….

  2. Does the enemy have friendly fire-OFF?
    The zenit that was km’s away faced its pressure? Then what about the troops in between?
    Were they just basking in that sun-light-pressure-thing?

    Thanks for the hard work~~

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