Chapter 727: You Have to Trust the King of Chambord (Part One)

Bugles instantly sounded from the chaotic formations and campsites of the enemies.

The enemies who were being counterattacked by the cavalry of Zenit captured this opportunity, and they got a moment to reorganize and fight back.

What was happening in the sky, as well as the arrogant laughter of Gomi, skyrocketed the morale of the united troops.

On the other hand, even though the cavaliers of Zenit were fierce, they were not protected by masters. Without the overbearing King of Chambord who had been suppressing the energy masters, they started to face more obstacles. Also, their numbers disadvantage began to show, making them have a hard time to move around.

Gradually, the casualty of the cavalry of Zenit increased.

-Outside the watchtower on the main gate of St. Petersburg-

“Your Highness, the situation is terrible now! The King of Chambord died in battle! Without his suppression, these damn b*stards are going to reorganize quickly and attack our cavalry effectively! We are in the numbers disadvantage; we should call back the cavalry!”

“Yeah, Your Highness! We should call them back right now! We already got a small victory. If the cavalry continues to battle, all the soldiers will be killed!”

“There are just too many enemies! Our brave cavaliers might not be able to charge through the enemies and come back…”

The commanders of the [Iron Blood Legion] said with angry yet solemn expressions on their faces. Even though they felt like their hearts were bleeding, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Although they had been hostile toward the King of Chambord, they stood with him this time and didn’t gloat at all.

Also, they kept their logic and reasoning, trying to convince Zenit’s God of War Arshavin to call back the cavalry.

Right now, a rare hesitant expression appeared on Arshavin’s face.

He stood in front of a battlement and stared at the center of the explosion far away even though the red energy waves were still shooting in all directions. It looked like he was trying to find something.

As his fingers grasped onto the battlement, dashes of lights shot out of his eyes; it was clear that he was trying to make a tough decision.

In the end, he slowly closed his eyes and frowned, trying to finalize his decisions.

In just less than a dozen seconds, a few red sweat drops appeared around his temples. This was a side effect after thinking too hard.

All the generals around Arshavin were loyal men who had been with him for many years.

In all previous wars, Arshavin appeared really calm, and he was able to destroy the enemies as he smiled and chatted. These commanders had never seen him in such a state, and they didn’t dare to say anything more, afraid that they might affect the Crown Prince’s judgment.

This one minute felt like many eternities to them.

Finally, Arshavin opened his eyes, and he looked extremely firm and calm.

“Pass down my command! Use flag signs to tell the cavalry to continue charging; they have to disrupt and stop the enemies from reorganizing. At the same time, pass messages to [Whip of the Thunder Lord] that is guarding the west gate, [Gigantic Force Legion] that is guarding the north gate, [Rolling Stone Legion] that is guarding the east gate, and [Blizzard Legion] that is guarding the south gate. Tell them to send out two-thirds of their elite forces and attack the campsites of the enemies under the lead of their legion commanders. No delay is acceptable, and the people who disobey this command shall be viewed as they committed treason. The entire empire needs to attack! The outcome of this war shall be decided on this!” Arshavin gave his order word by word clearly.

“What?” His loyal commanders around him were all stunned; their faces even changed color.

They didn’t expect Crown Prince Arshavin to come up with such a crazy command after that intense period of thinking. If they didn’t hear Arshavin say it personally, they would think that a madman made the decision.

“Pass my command! Everyone in the [Iron Blood Legion], from commanders to cooks and grooms, needs to get ready! Fully arm and follow me to kill enemies outside the defense wall!”

It was clear that Arshavin made up his mind. He was planning to put in the last-ditch effort and throw almost 100% of Zenit’s military power into this.

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