Chapter 727: You Have to Trust the King of Chambord (Part Two)

Usually, he would never explain his decisions to the commanders around him.

However, he patted the shoulder of a young commander beside him and turned to others before saying, “We need to believe in the King of Chambord.”

This was something very rare.

“Believe in the King of Chambord?” the other commanders thought to themselves.

If it were another time and another location, this phrase would sound ridiculous and embarrassing coming from Crown Prince Arshavin. However, it now sounded holy and honorable in the ears of the commanders in the [Iron Blood Legion].

Almost everything was determined by fate.

As if it were a response to Arshavin’s decision, as soon as he stopped speaking, a series of rumbling noises sounded from afar. They were so loud that all other sounds were overpowered, and it was terrifying as if the world were about to collapse.

Everyone was surprised, and they looked up to see what happened.

Further away, the six Xuan’ge that looked majestic and seemed like gods who were glancing down at the world suddenly started to shake.

As if a huge invisible hand grabbed onto them, they shook violently as the green magic energy sphere around them dimmed.

Then, as if they lost their power, they staggered in the air and started to crash toward the ground.

“That…” The commanders of the [Iron Blood Legion] looked at each other with overjoyed expressions as they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“It is Alexander! King Alexander of Chambord! Hahaha! It is him!” Even Arshavin started to laugh, which was a very rare thing to see.

This was the first time in his life that he laughed in excitement when he mentioned the name ‘Alexander’.

Just as they wished, that sea of golden energy flames started to burn again.

It was the power of [Sky Cover Fist] King Alexander of Chambord.

The King of Chambord didn’t die!

A series of unstoppable cheers sounded on the defense wall of St. Petersburg.

“Hahaha! Great! This is great! Charge! Pass my order! Charge!”

Arshavin’s shout resonated on the defense wall, and his golden metal-elemental warrior energy flames also flashed.

Like a large eagle, he jumped off the defense wall. The soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] who had been fully armed and standing right behind the defense wall already prepared a warhorse for him.

Tink! He instantly jumped onto the horse and unsheathed his sword that was on his waist.

He raised his sword.

In front of him, the huge iron city gate was being cranked up.

Behind him, they were the elite soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] who looked like a streak of black flood.

The wind fluttered the cape of Zenit’s God of War.

It also fluttered his long red hair, making it looked like a cloud of red fire.

“We don’t believe in war, and we hate the scars that are brought by weapons. However, when we are forced to raise our weapons, the brave Zenitians will never surrender! Right now, the hero of the Empire, the invincible King of Chambord, is already defeating the damn invaders! Brave soldiers, follow me out of the Capital and kill all these damn invaders!”

The gate of St. Petersburg slowly opened, and a dash of sunlight shot into the corridor.

As he waved his sword, Crown Prince Arshavin dashed out of the city and led the charge.

Behind him, all the soldiers in black armor followed him without hesitation.

Almost at the same time, the four small Xuan’ge in front of the formation lost their power and crashed toward the ground slowly.

The ear-piercing siren sounded, and the eye-piercing warning lights flashed on the Xuan’ge.

All the soldiers of Ormond ran around on the decks like ants.

It seemed like Xuan’ge losing power wasn’t something new to these well-trained soldiers, and they were trying to repair things in an organized manner. All kinds of manual and back up devices were used, and they kept their guards up.

However, the Ormondians soon realized that the four Xuan’ge were really out of control and couldn’t be repaired.

Anxiety and fear instantly rushed into their heads.

“What is going on?” Standing on the deck of the first Xuan’ge, the legendary Prince Gomi of Leon suddenly frowned. His warrior instinct told him that something was wrong. Just as he was about to turn around and run, his body froze.

A familiar yet terrifying voice sounded behind him, “Sorry for keep you waiting. Now, I finally have the time to kill you!”

Gomi wasn’t sure when, but Fei was already standing behind him on the deck. With a mocking smile on his face, the king spoke slowly, but a murderous spirit was already dashing out of his eyes.

Seeing this, Prince Gomi of Leon’s heart started to sink, and he felt like he was inside of a freezer and heard the call from the Grim Reaper.

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