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Hail the King Chapter 728.1

Chapter 728: The Roar of the Giant Bear in the North (Part One)

“How come… how come you are not dead?”

The legendary Prince Gomi of Leon was stunned, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Under the powerful attacks of the magic cannons, the dirty Zenitian in his eyes didn’t die.

“Is he a demon who can’t be killed? Could it… could it…”

At this moment, a terrifying thought appeared in Prince Gomi’s mind like a bolt of lightning.

“Could it be that… you already advanced to… advanced to Sun-Class? How… how is this possible?” Gomi stuttered as he asked Fei. Now, he realized that his body was being locked down by an invisible force, and he couldn’t even move.

“Bingo! You guessed right! Unfortunately, I don’t have a reward for you!” Fei’s smile in Gomi’s eyes already looked like the smile of the Grim Reaper.

At this point, Fei didn’t need to hide his power anymore.

In the beginning, Fei tried to be low-key and suppress his power in the battle outside St. Petersburg.

In reality, even if he didn’t try to suppress his power, others might not be able to pick up on his power level. After all, his power originated from his insane physical strength and wasn’t warrior energy nor magic energy. Since others weren’t familiar with his type of power, it was very easy for them to underestimate the king.

As a result, every time the enemies thought that they sent the right people to take care of the king, they were actually sending their masters under the butcher knife in Fei’s hands. Otherwise, Fei wouldn’t be able to successfully kill so many Moon-Class Elites consecutively.

During today’s battle, Fei used that unique technique documented in [Demon King’s Sword]. Since he had practiced it for quite a bit, he was able to use this technique to copy and mimic all the combat techniques under Sun-Class as long as he saw it being used once.

Although the mimic versions of the techniques were only similar in looks, the power of the mimic versions was far greater than the original. Therefore, all of Fei’s opponents today were shocked by what they saw.

Without a doubt, the King of Chambord’s ability of letting his opponents get a taste of their own medicine was going to spread in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit, and everyone in the region was going to hear his name.

At this point, Fei no longer needed to act low-key anymore since his opponents would never underestimate him again.

A bit further away, loud bugle sounds, as well as war drums, resonated around St. Petersburg.

Zenitians were shouting, and the horses were roaring.

The gates on all four sides of St. Petersburg that were locked for more than 30 hours fully opened. Under the lead of Zenit’s God of War, the angry and battle-hungry soldiers of Zenit rushed out of the city murderously like streaks of black flood.


It was finally Zenitians’ turn to counterattack.

This was the roar of the weak party!

The people who were being suppressed were now fighting back!

This was the anger of the giant bear in the North

In fact, Fei didn’t even hurry and kill Prince Gomi of Leon who was standing in front of him. Instead, he coordinated with the counterattack efforts of the military forces of Zenit.

He slowly floated into the sky and unleashed his real power.

As a god-like power appeared in this world, bright golden flames burned around the king and expanded into a vast sea of surging energy.

The majestic yet holy lights enveloped all battlefields around the Capital of Zenit, and the white St. Petersburg got dyed into a glorious golden color!

Numerous people were stunned by this scene on the battlefields.

Millions of people stared at that golden figure in the sky as if they were loyal followers who were looking at their god.

An image of a giant barbarian warrior who was hundreds of meters tall appeared behind Fei.

This was the Immortal King of Barbarians, Bul-Kathos. Except for his face which was a bit vague, everything else was vivid and life-like.

Like an ancient battle god, the Immortal King was wearing the [Immortal King] item set and raised the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]. He looked like an invincible lord who dominated the universe.

Sun-Class Lord!

This was the power of Sun-Class!

Sun-Class Lords were close to being gods, and ordinary people would shiver in fear when being close to them.

As Fei showcased his real strength, the momentum of this battle got instantly turned around.

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