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Hail the King Chapter 728.2

Chapter 728: The Roar of the Giant Bear in the North (Part Two)

Even idiots knew what it meant when the Zenitians got a Sun-Class Lord on their side. After all, Sun-Class Lord was a synonym for invincibility. With such an unparalleled battle god here, St. Petersburg became a fortress that was close to being impossible to conquer. Even if ten times the soldiers were here, they couldn’t destroy the Zenit Empire.

The masters in Sun-Class were beyond the realm of mortals.

Thunderous cheers instantly sounded inside the Capital of Zenit. The ordinary citizens who lived inside the city were anxious as they didn’t know when catastrophe would strike, but now they were so happy that a lot of them teared up. Seeing that golden sun-like figure in the sky, they felt the warmth and knew that misfortune had left them, and the invaders would be punished.

The soldiers and commanders of the various legions of Zenit were planning to battle until death, and their blood started to boil when seeing this.

Even the timidest soldiers became fearless warriors under the shine of that golden light.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Zenit suddenly unleashed hundreds if not thousands of times the power. It didn’t matter where the streaks of black flood went; no one dared to take them head-on.

On the other hand, the united troops who invaded Zenit were trying to defend in the beginning when Zenit launched the counterattack, but now almost all the soldiers and commanders were terrified; their morale fell to the rock-bottom. Even though the supervising teams killed many soldiers who fled, they couldn’t stop the falling momentum.

The soldiers who wanted to escape rushed through the supervising teams that were comprised of Star-level Warriors like angry lions, and the warriors in the supervising teams also started to flee after a short while.

Out of the ten empires who sent their troops here, all eight empires except for the Leon Empire and the Ormond Empire were weak and disorganized; they wouldn’t dare to battle Zenit head-on if it were other times. Some of them included the old troops of the Spartax Empire which were conquered by Zenit a while back.

As a result, they were terrified by what they saw, and they started to retreat, causing the morale to fall even further.

The fleeing soldiers looked like the water in an opened dam as they ran away.

Even though the number of Zenit soldiers was less than one-tenth the number of soldiers in the united troops, the soldiers of Zenit dashed into the enemies and struck without mercy. The enemies tried to run away quickly, but the ones who couldn’t get away in time all kneeled and surrendered with their weapons on the ground. In their minds, even if they were captured and sold as slaves, it was better than being dead.

The mountains of equipment, food, weapons, and armors that weren’t destroyed in time all became the spoils of war for Zenitians!

The so-called Ten-Empire United Troops became a joke.

The troops of only two empires had good performance in this situation.

Although the Leonians also retreated, they weren’t completely crushed. They slowly backed away with proper formation, lowering their casualties as much as possible. Although it was a little chaotic, the soldiers weren’t mentally defeated, and they fended off the soldiers of Zenit.

The campsites of Ormondians were further away from the main battlefield, so they weren’t struck by the cavalry of Zenit in the beginning. Also, as a level 7 empire, the military discipline and the qualities of its soldiers were far beyond others, making them stand out amongst all ten empires.

To the Ormondians, the most catastrophic thing was that Fei, the Sun-Class Lord, was right above their campsites.

The powerful suppression of such a master wasn’t something ordinary soldiers could endure, and the weaker ones were instantly turned into nothingness…

Out of the six Xuan’ge, except for the smaller Xuan’ge in the back and the main one which was in the center of the formation, the other four were descending.

Parachutes that were made from demon beasts’ skin were let out, slowing down the descending speed so that the Xuan’ge wouldn’t crash onto the ground and explode.

Fei lightly pointed his fingers, and two more Moon-Class Elites of Ormond screamed before they were turned into blood mist.

The power of Sun-Class Lords wasn’t something that Moon-Class Elites could handle, and they could only be killed.

“No…” One more Moon-Class Elite of Ormond screamed as he was turned into pieces of flesh and white bones.

The other six to seven Moon-Class Elites no longer had their composure. They dashed away like defeated dogs that had tails between their legs, and they were afraid of being targeted by Fei.

“Stop, Master of Zenit. Let’s stop the war!” A majestic and loud voice suddenly sounded from the giant Xuan’ge in the middle of the formation. Then, a vast amount of energy appeared and stopped Fei from killing the Moon-Class Elites of Ormond.

This man was also a powerful master.

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  1. Draghnof

    “Out of the six Xuan’ge, except for the two smaller Xuan’ge in the back and the main one which was in the center of the formation, the other three were descending.”

    The Author really have a problem in mathematics because before the 3 of this chapter, it was 4 …..

    • LOL you are right. The author has a lot of math issues, and we had corrected the ones that we caught. This one slipped, and we will correct it now.

  2. Please don’t save the prince author.

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