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Hail the King Chapter 729.1

Chapter 729: Gundogan (Part One)

When Fei projected out his spirit energy, he already sensed the existence of this powerful opponent who stayed in this giant Xuan’ge. Therefore, he wasn’t surprised when he heard this man.

With a smile on his face, he stopped chasing after and attacking the Moon-Class Elites, and he slowly floated to the front of this giant Xuan’ge.

“What? You are willing to talk now?” Fei looked at this Xuan’ge and said, “If you want to stop the war, then you need to show enough sincerity!”

“I didn’t expect that such an unparalleled genius could be born into a little level 1 empire. This sure is surprising.” Red energy flames flashed on the Xuan’ge, and a few people appeared on the bow of the ship. The person in the lead was about 1.7 meters tall, and he was wearing a yellow robe that had black strips on it. His bone structure was big, his limbs were strong, and his expression looked determined. His short black hair stood on his head like iron needles, and his eyes were eagle-like as unique lights flashed around his irises. Except for the fact that he was a bit short, he would be counted as a dashing young man who was in his mid-twenties.

Beside him, four to five masters of Ormond were in black and yellow battle armor, and they stared at Fei with caution written all over their faces.

A vast of fire-elemental energy was coming off this young man, and an image of a red sun slowly rising from the horizon appeared above his head. This was a sign that this person reached the realm of Morning Sun as a Sun-Class Lord.

Seeing this man, the legendary Prince Gomi of Leon who was terrified saw hope in this devastating situation. As the desire to live shined in his eyes, he quickly dashed over like a lapdog that just saw its master.

He shouted, “Gundogan Your Highness! Please quickly kill this man! If it weren’t for him, our Ten-Empire United Troops wouldn’t have lost! If it weren’t for him, the eight Moon-Class Elites of our Leon Empire wouldn’t have died! If it weren’t for him, the Xuan’ge of Ormond wouldn’t have fallen. This man is a devil! We couldn’t let him keep on growing! Otherwise…”

Hatred filled Gomi’s eyes. As he continued to speak, it turned into curses as he roared.

Fei only smiled.

This prince of Ormond whose name was Gundogan only lowered his head and looked at Gomi.

Prince Gomi of Leon wasn’t sure why, but he felt cold as if he were inside an ancient ice cave. He swallowed all the other instigating words that he prepared ahead of time, and he sensed the displeasure of this powerful prince of Ormond. Therefore, he shut his mouth and stood aside.

“Only the powerful ones could survive in this world. The fate of the weaklings could only be determined by powerful masters!”

Gundogan looked at Fei with his cold, blue, and eagle-like eyes and nodded before continuing, “The Zenit Empire can get a talented and powerful master like you, so it has the privilege of voicing its opinions in this Chaos Era where empires will be waging wars against each other. This also means that the Zenit Empire is qualified to be Ormond’s friend. We can stop the war now!”

Fei didn’t object to that, but he also didn’t show any agreement.

However, a general of Ormond who was still injured heard Gundogan’s words and instantly got emotional. He shouted his objection, “Your Highness! This is the dirty native who killed Xanchua His Highness! Xanchua His Highness was your little brother by blood! You can’t… let this native live! Letting this native live would bring shame to the Ormond Empire!”

This person was Peith, the only Ormondian who escaped from Chambord and was only one step away from the Sun-Class Realm.

Gundogan ignored General Peith’s objections. He lowered his head and whispered something into the ears of another powerful master.

Soon, many bugles sounded from the campsites of Ormond, and the troops started to move back.

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  1. thank god a smart enemy(for now) that doesnt think with his 2 brain cells

  2. earthshaker34

    yea. they are trying to weed out the weak and claim as many resources as possible for future war… but will it be of use i wonder?

  3. Tlaos

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Ormond could’ve destroyed Fei, and from strategical vantage should…I hate plot armor. You have one sun class and one close to it and other masters…… Why would they negotiate? How many level 7 empires are out there that they need to worry about? A strong enemy is only potential if there is mutual goal. So far Fei doesn’t owe them anything but only at “stalemate” leaving him to grow stronger… Military speaking thats like allowing Hitler before Hitler

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