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Hail the King Chapter 73.2

Chapter 73.2 – Means of a King (2)

The secret about the Mythical Ruins, the history of Chambord and the death of the Prince Mateja-Kezman of Eindhoven Empire would be forever buried in this Iron Prison – Water Dungeon. No one would know except for Fei. No one could blame Fei’s ruthlessness. On Azeroth Continent which followed the “rule of the jungle”, Fei couldn’t allow himself to be negligent, not even once.

“We maybe similar, but luck just wasn’t on your side.”

Fei took out a bottle of 【Mana Potion】 and sipped some down his throat. He had to replenish the mana that was depleted when he used 【Find Potion】. Then, he pressed his palm on Mage Elvis’ corpse and lightly roared and used the ability 【Find Potion】again.


A sound from heaven rung in Fei’s ear.


Fei was stoked. Another bottle of green 【Hulk Potion】 appeared in mid-air; it shined a mysterious light. The weak newborn-like spirit energy surrounded the bottle and gave Fei a feeling of intimacy.

Fei put this precious bottle of 【Hulk Potion】 back in his storage space in the belt and thought for a second. He switched to Sorcerer Mode and shot a few 【Fire Bolts】 onto the corpse lying on the ground and the bone fragments left by the skeleton warrior. The remains burned into ashes, destroying the last bit of evidence.

After the corpses were burnt, Fei’s eyes landed on the magic armour and a few magic weapons and devices that belonged to the silver masked knight. Except for that, in the ashes, Elvis’ storage ring wasn’t destroyed by the fire; it was still shiny, giving Fei an unspeakable temptation.

Fei knew that with Elvis’ power and background, there must’ve been a lot of treasures and valuables in his storage ring. Moreover, the silver masked knight was royalty from a level 4 Empire, so his amour and items had to be valuable. If he rewarded them to the leaders in Chambord, the strength of Chambord would increase. Even if he didn’t distribute them to the others and sold them off on the black market, he could get a lot of useful resources in return.

“But……. it’s too dangerous.”

Elvis and the prince had a ton of status. Their items would attract a lot of attention. If someone found out about them and traced their origins back to Chambord, many incidents would be instantly exposed. Neither Fei nor Chambord would be able to bear this level of risk and danger. Fei had to take out any kind of dangers right off the bat and do all he could do to give more time for Chambord to grow stronger. Fei wasn’t powerful enough to take on the Level 4 Eindhoven Empire.

Fei felt his heart breaking.

But finally, he made up his mind and shot out a ton of 【Fire Bolts】 at the ring, armour and items. He burned them in the fire and tried to destroy these valuable items into a pile of junk to eliminate any possibilities.

However –

“Eh? Not afraid of fire?”

Fei surprisingly found out that although the fire covered and buried the ring, armour and items in it, after a few minutes had passed, there were no signs of them melting or being destroyed. The blue magic power was still surrounding the armour, and the ring was still shining a white light. No matter how the fire burned, they were still maintained their form.

“Looks like treasures are truly treasures, but what should I do? These things will be the causes of disasters……” Fei tried 【Ice Bolts】 and 【Charged Bolts】; he even switched back to Necromancer Mode and tried to destroy the items using his death energy, but it was no use. He also wanted to try to crush them into small pieces, but after thinking about the different situations that might occur if the magic items were shattered into pieces and the magic power in them were released, he didn’t want to do that anymore. After a while, he ended up putting all of them into his storage belt and decided to destroy them later when he became more powerful.

At this time, there were only a few iron chains left in the concealed room. Fei calculated the time and realized that he had stayed at the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon for more than three hours. It was probably dark outside already; it was time to leave.

But before he left, there was one more thing that he had to do – test Warden Oleg.

“Oleg, come on in!” Fei shouted.

Warden Oleg rushed in a couple of steps. As soon as he arrived, he surprisingly found out that all the prisoners had disappeared. What was left were three sets of iron chains and five piles of black ashes. He knew that the three mercenaries and the mage were all killed, and their corpses were burnt alongside the silver masked man’s corpse. He suddenly felt devastated and was even more scared of the young king’s ruthless heart. He didn’t even dare to take a long breath as he stood behind Fei timidly.

“Oleg, tell me, when you rushed in earlier, what did you see?” Fei asked causally.

But Oleg on the other hand was shocked by the question and started to sweat like crazy. He thought that Fei wanted to kill him, so he kneeled down and begged, “Your Majesty, please forgive me. I beg for your mercy! I didn’t see anything. I only……only saw Your Majesty studying the carvings and lines on the stone wall…… Please pardon me!”

Fei looked at Oleg who was shaking as if he was having a seizure and smiled. “Get up, when did I say that I was going to kill you?”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Oleg didn’t dare resist Fei’s command. He stood up as his body shook in fear.

“His highness – the God of War created a miracle and restored my intelligence four days ago. In these four days, too many situations occurred. I’ve gained a rough understanding of the situation in Chambord the past three years. The evil conspirator Bazzer abused his power and threw the kingdom into chaos and persecuted my citizens. The former Military Judge Conca also assisted him in his conspiracies. Bazzer fled and is now getting chased, and the latter was executed by me. You, Oleg, helped Bazzer in executing a few of his evil plans in the past three years. Even if you die a thousand times, it’s not enough to quell the public anger……”

Oleg started shivering more and more as he heard Fei’s words. As if he was walking on a tightrope between skyscrapers, he felt his heart was about to burst out of his chest while his body was being kept in a freezer. As he heard the last sentence, he kneeled down to the ground and started to beg for mercy again.

Fei looked at him and continued, “ I’m not a brutal killer. You followed me to the stone bridge that day to battle our enemies; you killed forty-five enemies and injured yourself while saving four of your companions’ lives. All of these things were clearly observed by me. That counts as you redeeming yourself, so I didn’t punish you for what you did before…… Merits shall be rewarded and wrongs shall be punished. This is my governing principle of the kingdom. Your companions such as Brook, Pierce, Drogba have all received great rewards, and you were the only one who remained at the same position without obtaining any rewards. Have you ever complained about it?”

“Your Majesty, Oleg wouldn’t dare do so……I understood that Your Majesty was pardoning me on purpose, so you sent Mr. Brook to the Prison this morning to give me a heads up and allow me some time to prepare and get rid of all the bad things in the prison to make up for all the mistakes I’ve committed. Your Majesty is gracious and I’m very grateful of it. I’m willing to give up everything I have to assist Your Majesty, even if I have to bleed to death!”

“Eh, as long as you understand.” Fei said lightly, “Right now in Chambord, Brook is intelligent, but due to his integrity, he lacks the necessary roundness. People such as Pierce and Drogba are all great warriors on the battlefield, but their heads aren’t that good. Uncle Lampard hates political affairs and Uncle Bast is tied down by other duties. Chambord is only lacking someone like you who is shameless, slimy, deceitful that can do the dirty work for me. I have the intention to use and depend on you, but……”

Fei paused deliberately for a few seconds here.

Oleg knew that Fei wanted. He patted his chest and swore, “To the God of War, I, Oleg am willing to become the most loyal hyena of His Majesty Alexander. I shall be on the front line wherever he points. If my words and deeds don’t match, I shall go to hell when I die and face torture for an eternity.”

“I’m not a huge believer in oaths……” Fei continued, “I emphasize practical actions. There are a few things that I need you to do for me as soon as you can. I will wait for your performance.”

“Please order me, Your Majesty. I will do my best!”

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      2) It’s not stupid at all. He’s not afraid of some magical tracking on the armor and ring and whatnot, but of some spy or non-Chambord national seeing the gear and recognizing it and who it should belong to, and reporting that back to the other Empires involved (the level 9 Mage’s empire and the one the Imperial Prince came from).

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