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Hail the King Chapter 730.1

Chapter 730: This Man Is Too Terrifying (Part One)

The sudden change of expression on Gundogan’s face was caused by what he saw.

He suddenly realized that while he was talking animatedly and feeling like everything was within his control, a mocking smile appeared on Fei’s face and grew brighter.

He felt like this Zenitian was looking at him as if he were a performing clown.

He was enraged by his opponent’s reaction that was filled with scorn.

However, his years of practice of calm and not showing emotions on his face helped him to hold back his anger. Since he had a bigger plan, he was able to endure this all. After living in the Royal Family of Ormond for all his life, he learned that his emotions and preferences were nothing in front of profit and Fei.

With a frown, Gundogan continued while holding back his anger, “It looks like you are not interested in my proposal. I’m curious; are you really that confident in the strength of Zenit? Do you really think that this victory today means that Zenit can rival with Ormond? Ha! Zenit is only a level 1 empire after all.”

After he said that, the threat on his face intensified.

Fei smiled and shook his head. “No, I’m just confident in my own strength.”

Gundogan was stunned and instantly understood what Fei meant.

Just like the other generals around him, anger appeared on his face since he was disrespected this much.

In his eyes, he was a powerful prince of a level 7 empire, and his status was prestigious. The fact that he was lowering himself and talking to a Zenitian, who was seen as a dirty native in other Ormondians’ eyes, was already a big compromise! However, this man in front of him was way too reckless and arrogant.

Even though Gundogan was calculative and had great self-control, his pride and conceit that were developed in the Ormond Empire made him feel more and more displeasure.

“What? You don’t believe me?” The smile on Fei’s face got brighter as he continued, “Didn’t you just say that only the powerful people can dictate others’ fates? Right now, I’m the powerful one, and only I have the right to speak in here. You are a weakling, so how dare you say so much and act like you are the boss? Do you think I will be afraid that the damn level 7 empire behind you and won’t dare to kill you?”

“Reckless! You are seeking death!”

“How dare you! How dare you talk to Gundogan His Highness this way?”

The several generals of Ormond who were at the front of the Xuan’ge all got angry, and it looked like they were about to attack. However, they were concerned about Fei’s strength and didn’t want to start a battle without more consideration.

“You… Don’t forget that influence is also one kind of strength; sages from the past said that. You are a powerful master, but the force behind you is too weak!” Gundogan finally showed anger on his face. He had never been disrespected like this before, especially when the person who was insulting him was a native of a level 1 empire.

His tolerance was reaching its limit.

“Really? I also remember that the sages from the past said that the vast amount of water couldn’t travel across mountains to put out a forest fire far away.” Fei approached this giant Xuan’ge and showed his white teeth while smiling, “If I kill you right now, can the force behind you come here in time to save you?”

As soon as Fei said that, he waved his hand, and an ancient-looking and mystical scroll was opened against the wind.

A wave of mysterious magic energy flashed by.

Although Gundogan sensed this terrifying sensation, and he was a Sun-Class Lord who was at low-tier Morning Sun Realm, he couldn’t dodge in time. He was instantly enveloped by a layer of thin spherical energy sphere, and he was locked inside in a flash.

This magic energy sphere looked like a bubble, and it appeared out of nowhere, so fast that it didn’t leave others any room to react.

The thin, transparent energy sphere was reflecting the faint sunlight. Even though there weren’t any magic runes floating around, and it didn’t have a vast amount of energy aura, Gundogan who was a Sun-Class Lord just couldn’t break free from this bubble.

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  1. Yuhao Huo

    This arc is really one of the worst I mean isn’t Alexander WAYYYYY Too overestimating himself right now?

    • This is the era of chaos.. It’s kill or be killed.. Survival of the fittest…Ormodian will come to conquer Zenit one way or another and Chambord would be the next…This superpower Empire would not stop just because MC is a Sun-class lord but they would hold back their army from launching attack untill they confirmed the Kings of Chambord true strength

  2. Tlaos

    I agree, being overpowered is boring if it’s not earned or is convenient in how it’s implemented, it makes character development hollow, and it comes off distasteful when gloated around

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