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Hail the King Chapter 731.1

Chapter 731: Money from War (Part One)

Gundogan’s heart started to sink.

In the beginning, he still thought about recruiting this young Sun-Class Lord in front of him.

From his perspective, it was almost a miracle that such a young and talented Sun-Class Lord could appear in a little level 1 empire. He was clear that the long black-haired young man had a unique talent. Compared with the princes and princesses of the super powerful empires where they had access to the best resources, powerful techniques, top-tier masters, and talented peers, the powerful people who grew up in the small empires where they had to rely on themselves were much more admirable and terrifying.

If he could get such a talented young man under his command, Gundogan felt like it was a bigger reward than conquering the Zenit Empire.

That was why Gundogan showcased rare tolerance and kindness in the beginning, and he tried to stop the war proactively. In fact, he even expressed his intention of allying with the Zenit Empire and overlooking the death of his little brother, Xanchua, even though the latter died at Chambord’s hands.

To him who was born into the Royal Family of Ormond, the death of his little brother who might be a big competition in the future wasn’t a bad thing. In fact, it might even be good news!

If he could get a strong subordinate in this process, this trip would be worth it!

Unfortunately, the king was a ‘vicious’ being, and he didn’t fall for that.

A series of fearless killings made it clear to Gundogan that he had underestimated his opponent.

Why would a talented genius be willing to serve someone else?

The anger, frustration, and the sense of defeat calmed down Gundogan.

He started to think about what was going to happen from this point on.

Right now, all the Moon-Class Elites of Ormond who came with him had been killed, and the campsites of Ormond were like lions that got their limbs and teeth taken out, not able to pose a threat to the enemies anymore.

Even though he was angry, he couldn’t vent it.

This strange, transparent energy sphere locked him up, and he couldn’t believe that he, a Sun-Class Lord, couldn’t break it.

“What kind of scroll was that? How is this energy sphere created? How come it has such magical power? Was it a godly scroll?” he thought.

Gundogan started to worry that the crazy young man in front of him was going to kill him for real.

He had never sensed death this up-close before.

However, Fei was in no hurry to kill Gundogan after the Moon-Class Elites were taken care of.

He instantly dashed into this giant Xuan’ge without asking more questions.

In less than five minutes, this giant Xuan’ge that was on par with the Xuan’ge that Xanchua used had the same fate as the other smaller Xuan’ge. It lost its power and slowly descended without having the chance to self-detonate.

Gundogan was stunned! He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Fei’s performance shocked him once more!

Xuan’ge was the top-tier secret among all confidential information in the Ormond Empire, and it could be said that Xuan’ge was the most important treasure of the Ormond Empire.

The top-tier mages and academics carefully refined the magic systems in them, and they had been put through rigorous testing and real-life combat. The amount of energy, effort, and resources that went into each of the giant Xuan’ge could construct ten main battle legions.

Although the Xuan’ge weren’t indestructible, it wasn’t easy to be destroyed by others.

However, the power system and the other mechanisms on this Xuan’ge was destroyed easily by this young Zenitian, and his speed was stunning!

Gundogan didn’t know how he could describe his opponent.

“How can a dirty native have so many secrets?” he thought, “Is this young man really just a dirty native?”

In fact, he didn’t know that the Chambord Kingdom and successfully captured that Xuan’ge which was used by Xanchua, and the two mad scientists who had more knowledge and ability than almost everyone on the Azeroth Continent were breaking it down.

When Fei first captured the Xuan’ge, Akara and Cain rushed into the Xuan’ge and started to study and research as if they were kids who got their favorite toys. They began learning the structure and the magic principles that drove this giant aircraft.

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