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Hail the King Chapter 731.2

Chapter 731: Money from War (Part Two)

With the help of the spirit energy that could go anywhere and the explanations of those two mad scientists, Fei got a very clear understanding of Xuan’ge overall.

The confidential and complicated magic systems on the Xuan’ge were nothing in Fei’s eyes, and he could destroy the key array formations on the Xuan’ge in a few seconds.

He easily disarmed the self-detonation arrays on the Xuan’ge, and he inputted the counter magic systems that the two mad scientists created into the Xuan’ge, instantly making the Ormondians lose control of them.

Right now, the Xuan’ge at Chambord was being refined and upgraded by those two mad scientists.

Even though the ironwood produced in the Ormond Empire was as hard as iron, even the real iron and steel were nothing in front of peak Moon-Class Elites and Sun-Class Lords. In addition, the flying speed of the Xuan’ge wasn’t that fast, and the weapons on it were limited. Except for the two giant magic cannons located at the front and the back, the other smaller magic cannons on the sides of the Xuan’ge had limited power. They were enough for small battles in the sky, but they couldn’t unleash destructive strikes onto the ground continuously. After all, the giant magic cannons at the front and the back of the Xuan’ge were hard to move, slow at charging, and couldn’t attack frequently.

These were all the critical issues with the Xuan’ge after it went through a fierce battle at Chambord.

Now that the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory comprehended some of the ancient godly runes and had access to the encyclopedia of the Mythical Era, [Demon King’s Wisdom], it wasn’t too difficult to upgrade the Xuan’ge.

In not too long, that giant Xuan’ge which Chambord captured was going to become a real ruler of the sky! Even Sun-Class Lords might have to back off from it after it was upgraded.

With the support of the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory, Fei’s appetite grew drastically.

The six Xuan’ge here today were all on Fei’s mind; he was going to take them as his spoils of war no matter what!

If he could get them all, then the Chambord Kingdom would have a fleet of invincible aircraft after the upgrade. In a sense, the future aircraft of Chambord might not be inferior to the other aircraft fleets of top-tier level 9 empires in this world.

Therefore, Fei ignored Gundogan completely. Only the things in his control were his; all other things like peace treaty and alliance status were all nothing tangible.

Those were things that the Royal Family of Zenit should consider, but it wasn’t related to the king of an affiliated kingdom. Therefore, Fei decided to dump all that onto Emperor Yassin.

In less than two minutes, the last small Xuan’ge was powered off by Fei, and all the magic systems were shut down. As the huge leather parachutes flew out and other physical mechanisms activated, the Xuan’ge descended onto the ground without any big damage.

-On the ground-

Crown Prince Arshavin was indeed Zenit’s God of War.

After breaking the formations of the Leon Empire with his [Iron Blood Legion], he led his men and charged into the campsites of the Ormond Empire. Since Fei killed the masters of Ormond, and they suffered casualties from previous battles, the less than 10,000 soldiers of Ormond lost their morale and got surrounded easily.

With a powerful master like Fei in the sky, these defeated soldiers of Ormond couldn’t do much.

Arshavin was a hardcore commander. The murderous and ruthless attitude that he used against Fei was being used against these soldiers.

He ordered his men to unarm and undress all the enemies, and the soldiers of Ormond were imprisoned right away. Although he didn’t kill or torture these defeated soldiers, his attitude was still chilling.

What happened today made Fei’s impression of Arshavin improve.

Although there was a conflict between the Chambord Kingdom and Zenit’s God of War, it didn’t hinder the coordination between Fei and Arshavin.

The king did admire Arshavin’s sharp military instinct, and the Crown Prince of Zenit was able to capture the key moment in the battle and turn the losing situation around!

He brought victory to Zenit and didn’t surrender and beg for mercy.

“You will pay for what you did!” Gundogan gritted his teeth and cursed inside the transparent energy sphere.

Fei glanced at him and didn’t mind.

With a smile on his face, he started a countdown.

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