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Hail the King Chapter 732.1

Chapter 732: Invincible Battle God (Part One)

The scroll that imprisoned Gundogan was made from the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory, and it was a featured product that was designed by Akara and Cain.

It was made based on the transparent energy sphere that protected [Demon King’s Wisdom] in that mysterious stone room. It was an ancient imprisonment technique from the Mythical Era, and it was created from semi-godly runes.

After Akara and Cain decrypted them, the two discovered the runes that were engraved on the stone chairs and stone lanterns, and they were able to create this kind of imprisonment scrolls.

When Fei first entered the vast underground ocean under Dual-Flags City in search of the Mythical Altar, Akara gave Fei this kind of magic scrolls that were named [Imprisonment Scrolls] to protect himself when in danger.

The only difference was that the [Imprisonment Scrolls] from before could only lock down Moon-Class Elites who were under the Half Moon Realm; locking Sun-Class Lords was impossible.

However, after Fei discovered the Last Ancestral Place of the dwarfs and noticed the godly runes that were engraved on the walls, Akara and Cain were finally able to use these remaining godly runes to understand the fundamentals of power.

From that moment on, godly runes were used in all the projects that were happening at Chambord.

[Imprisonment Scrolls] were also strengthened. With the additional power from the godly runes, they were now able to lock Sun-Class Lords who were below the realm of Rising Sun.

Of course, such lockdown wasn’t perfect; there was a time limit to it.

Taking a Sun-Class Lord like Gundogan for example, an [Imprisonment Scroll] could only lock him for less than 30 minutes.

Since he had been locked up for a while, Gundogan was going to be released in about 30 seconds.

Seeing that the time limit was almost up, Fei started the countdown in his mind.

Pop! When he counted to zero, a slight popping noise sounded, and the transparent energy sphere that Gundogan couldn’t break free from suddenly shattered and disappeared like a bursting bubble.

The sudden arrival of freedom stunned Gundogan for a second, and it took a while for him to react.

“Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!” This prince of Ormond laughed like a madman, and murderous spirit dashed out of his big eyes. He stared at Fei with his blue eyes and sneered, “Haha, so this trump card of yours has a time limit! Hahaha! Now, it is my turn! Although I can’t kill you, I can turn these hundreds of thousands of Zenitians into meat paste! We are all Sun-Class Lords, and we both have trump cards. It would be hard for you to kill me…”

As he said that, a vast amount of fire-elemental energy rushed out of him. The fire energy was so great that it was hard to describe.

Gundogan cultivated fire-elemental warrior energy, and he was far more powerful than Xanchua who died in the hands of [One Sword]. He had already taken that leap of faith and reached Sun-Class.

Even though he had unleashed all his power, there weren’t many energy flames burning around him. However, the burning sensation could be felt in the area.

Hiss! The intense heat evaporated the water in the air, and it seemed like the space around him was becoming unstable as a giant black hole appeared behind him, leading to the void.

The air around Gundogan boiled, and it looked like a pot of water was being heated to 100 degrees. That heat energy burned the few vultures that were flying thousands of meters away and trying to feast on the corpses. Before they could whine, they were lit up and exploded. As their flesh and bones fell from the sky, they were turned into ashes before they could reach the ground.

Also, the things that were dry on the ground instantly caught on fire.

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  1. Draghnof

    And Fei didn’t want to attack at the moment when the bubble exploded …

  2. MagicMan

    Like the novel but it really needs a continuity checker. Fairly sure it was previously said the original scrolls could hold down a sun class for an hour.

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