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Hail the King Chapter 733.1

Chapter 733: Situation (Part One)

The battle ended with Zenitians claiming the final victory.

Among the ten empires that established this alliance, the most powerful Ormondians got the worst outcome.

The six Xuan’ge that should be invincible within the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit all became the spoils of war for Zenit.

Out of the more than 20,000 elite soldiers of Ormond in the battle, fewer than 10,000 of them survived. All the masters above Five-Star died in action, and their Prince Gundogan who was a Sun-Class Lord also became a captive.

Then, the Leon Empire came next in terms of the losses.

The Leon Empire was the most powerful empire within the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit, and it had the most powerful military force. However, it lost eight Moon-Class Elites in this battle, and the legendary Prince Gomi also had fallen. Out of the 100,000 elite soldiers of Leon, more than 40,000 soldiers died, more than 20,000 of them were captured, and fewer than 40,000 soldiers escaped. This was a huge loss, especially those eight Moon-Class Elites!

Even the Leon Empire which was a medium-to-high-level empire couldn’t bear such a loss, and its foundation had been moved.

All other eight small empires were much weaker, and they were almost like cheerleaders during the battle.

Although Fei didn’t specifically visit them, they were attacked by the soldiers of Zenit under the lead of Arshavin, Zenit’s God of War. More than half of the soldiers who came to St. Petersburg lost their lives here, and a few empires lost their core legions and were going to be attacked by others.

In fact, all the empires within the region of 50,000 kilometers of Zenit suffered significant losses, and they could no longer rival Zenit and stop this giant bear in the north from growing.

To every single Zenitian, this defensive battle around St. Petersburg was dangerous and intense.

The Ten-Empire United Troops suddenly gathered, and the intelligence networks of Zenit didn’t detect it in time. In just one day, the enemies broke through six provinces of Zenit and arrived outside St. Petersburg.

In fact, when the Zenitians saw the elite soldiers of Leon and the Xuan’ge of Ormond, they all felt desperate, and they almost lost their courage to fight back. This battle wasn’t fair at all.

The soldiers of Zenit fought a hard battle, and a lot of them didn’t sleep at all within 30 hours; they battled on the defense wall non-stop.

If St. Petersburg weren’t operated and strengthened by the Royal Family of Zenit many times, and if the Ormondians hadn’t underestimated their opponent and didn’t send one giant Xuan’ge to Chambord, this great city would have fallen a long time ago.

Right when the empire was on the verge of collapse, and many people felt desperate, their savior arrived when almost all Zenitians were feeling hopeless.

King Alexander of Chambord who was a talented genius traveled more than hundreds of kilometers and came here to protect the Empire. With unbelievable strength, he pulled the falling situation back and killed dozens of enemy masters. By destroying the top-tier masters, he turned the battle upside-down.

After the battle, everyone in the Capital was spreading the shocking news about the King of Chambord reaching the realm of Sun-Class.

The Imperial Military Headquarters, Minister Offices, and Royal Family all started to help promote this news, and even the vendors who sold vegetables on the sides of the streets and butchers who sold meat in their shops learned that the Empire now had a Sun-Class Lord.

This news was shocking since its meaning was ground-breaking! With the King of Chambord alone, the Zenit Empire would be considered a level 5 empire on the Azeroth Continent now!

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  1. Draghnof

    If with a single Sun Class Lord you can become a level 5 Empire, no wonder that the level 4 Empire was destroyed overnight by the Church …..

    • me, myself and i

      Yeah, still i don’t get it how it ranked. What the difference between a level 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 empire?

      • The number and quality of moon class i would think…since sun class is rare ..it probably that the more moon class and the better their rank,the stronger and heigher the level the empire got…even though Zenit had about 10 moon class elites almost all of them were low tier new moon and even the Martial Saint Krasic was mid tier new moon…its clear why they were only a level 1 empire

  2. that shitty Prince Gomi is “legendary”? lololol

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