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Hail the King Chapter 733.2

Chapter 733: Situation (Part Two)

This meant that the level of Zenit skyrocketed, and the citizens of Zenit were now under the protection of a Sun-Class Lord.

Sun-Class Lords meant a lot nowadays!

After the Mythical Era, it was hard to see the powerful gods, demons, dragons, and various other powerful races. Therefore, Sun-Class Lords were pretty much equal to gods at this point; they represented invincibility and strength!

Even the most optimistic dreamer at Zenit didn’t imagine that Zenit could one day have a Sun-Class Lord who usually only appeared in high-level empires!

This shocking and upbeat news instantly diluted the sadness and sorrow brought by death and the war.

Therefore, a strange scene appeared.

The Zenitians who just experienced the pain and terror brought by the battle looked neither anxious nor afraid. Instead, they all seemed happy and excited. When they saw their friends, the first thing that they said to each other was this, “Hey, did you hear? Our empire now has a Sun-Class Lord…”

The initial victory pushed away many of the dark clouds that were floating above the giant bear of the north.

The victory in this St. Petersburg defense battle broke down the offensive momentum of the enemies, but the situation wasn’t so bright for Zenit that the citizens could celebrate.

From the reports that the scouts send back, the united troops that still had about 200,000 soldiers backed to the Red Leaf Province of Zenit which was about 50 kilometers away from St. Petersburg. They were trying to use the wide Red Leaf River as a natural barrier to block the soldiers of Zenit, and they got the opportunity to regroup and strategize. Also, more reinforcements would be on their way, and they were going to attack St. Petersburg again.

Therefore, this war was far from over!

At least six provinces of Zenit were now in control of the enemies.

To the Imperial Military Headquarters and the Royal Family, the St. Petersburg defense battle was only the turning point in this war. The complete victory could only be claimed when all the invaders were kicked out of the land of Zenit!

Inside the Capital, all the main battle legions were doing their last bit of preparation, and white command paper flew out of the Imperial Military Headquarters and the Royal Palace like snow.

That night, the Royal Family issued the second conscription order using the name of Emperor Yassin. All the male citizens of Zenit were obligated to pick up weapons and protect the empire.

At the same time, the ill Emperor Yassin gave another war mobilization order, and he handed off the military power that was always grasped in his hand; this was really rare.

Now, all the nobles, affiliated kingdoms, castellans, and even prominent families could create their own troops and militia by recruiting soldiers. They could act independently and attack the invaders on their own. All the people who killed enemies would be rewarded, and even ordinary citizens could become generals and nobles while nobles could increase their ranks.

What was the most surprising was the third order from Emperor Yassin; it was heard that Emperor Yassin who was really ill woke up from his sleep and crowned the title of Imperial Martial Saint to King Alexander of Chambord.

After Krasic, Fei became the next Martial Saint of Zenit, and he could enjoy all the privileges as the Martial Saint and reside on Martial Saint Mountain.

Fei was the first Martial Saint of Zenit who came from an affiliated kingdom.

However, no one objected.

After this battle, no one in the Zenit Empire dared to offend the King of Chambord, including the Royal Family. This young king who grew up incredibly fast was going to become someone above all rules, and his words could determine the life and death of everyone in the empire, including nobles and royals.

Also, the King of Chambord had a group of loyal fans and believers in the military and St. Petersburg.

As long as Fei issued a command, many warriors and brave people would follow his lead.

Since this was still wartime, the king rejected the idea of having a big appointment ceremony, and he arrived at Martial Saint Mountain that night.

Residing in the center of the Capital, he monitored the area and became the protector of the land.

Whenever someone looked up at Martial Saint Mountain, they felt a sense of security that they never felt before!

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