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Hail the King Chapter 734.1

Chapter 734: Traitors (Part One)

-St. Petersburg-

It was close to the night, and a sliver of the Sun was still visible in the sky, as red as blood.

Under the red sunlight, it seemed like everything in the world was dyed by blood.

Right now, there were still about four to five hours before the start of the curfew which was established by the military.

Before the nightfall, the military forces of the empire had organized a lot of people to deal with the mess on the battlefields outside the city. The corpses of soldiers of Zenit were identified, and they were moved into the city to be cremated in the traditional honor ceremony. The corpses of the invaders were cremated on the spot, and their ashes were spread on the land to become fertilizers and be stepped on by others.

Since war occurred on the Azeroth Continent often, all the empires had their methods of dealing with the corpses to prevent diseases from appearing and spreading.

The black smoke that came from the burning of the corpses hovered in the low sky, bring a dark, suppressive, and desperate atmosphere to the area.

However, the atmosphere inside St. Petersburg was completely different.

The recruiting stations for the conscription were everywhere in the city, and people were busy signing up. The officials that the military sent over recorded the detailed information of each person who came to join, and these candidates had to be tested before they were placed in the various legions.

One had to admit that the citizens of Zenit listened to and followed the commands that came from the Royal Family of Zenit.

Under the pressure and the threat of invaders, all the citizens became passionate and patriotic. The young men who were within the age range came to register. Everyone knew that if the Empire failed in this war, every single Zenitian was going to become slaves. Without the Empire to rely on, they were all going to become the lowest class of people, lose their loved ones, and walk on a tragic life path.

Some young noblemen even came to the recruiting stations to join the army.

In the face of foreign enemies, Zenitians showed unprecedented unity. The sharp conflict between nobles and regular citizens was significantly diluted. At some recruiting stations, the young noblemen who were dressed in fancy armor were chatting with the ordinary citizens who were in rough robes, and they even laughed together.

The young noblemen demonstrated the knowledge and combat techniques they knew, and the ordinary citizens gave them thumbs-up. Also, the courage and passion that the ordinary citizens showed were admired by the usually haughty noblemen.

The war brought this empire injuries and tragedies, but it also gave it vitality and a new path.

Of course, except for these peaceful and heart-warming scenes, some specific areas in St. Petersburg were filled with cruel executions. Curses, cries, screams, groans, and begs for mercy sounded in these areas, and the intense smell of blood permeated the air.

While the Empire was in danger, some people showcased rare courage and patriotism, and even 16-year-old boys dared to pick up weapons and battle with the enemies. On the contrary, some people chose to ditch their honor and betray the Empire. Some influential figures communicated with the enemies in private and were willing to become traitors in hopes that they could keep their wealth and lives.

Under the lights radiated from the flames of war, despicableness and honor could be easily distinguished.

Fei’s sudden appearance handed an unexpected defeat to the Ten-Empire United Troops, and they retreated in a hurry, leaving a lot of things for Zenitians.

It was heard that after Crown Prince Arshavin broke into the campsites of Leon, he discovered a lot of letters and documents that couldn’t be burned and destroyed in time. Among them were the evidence of some nobles of Zenit committing treason. A few very influential nobles in St. Petersburg had agreed to the enemies’ demand and were going to destroy the grand magic defensive array formation around the Capital during critical moments and open the city gates.

The shameless behavior of the traitors angered the entire Empire.

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  1. Exfernal

    “Fei’s suddenly appearance handed an unexpected defeat to the Ten-Empire United Troops, and they retreated in a hurry, leaving a lot of things for Zenitians.”
    It’s sudden, not suddenly.

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