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Hail the King Chapter 735.1

Chapter 735: Martial Saint Token (Part One)

While the crowd cursed and shouted, the Royal Family of the Xuelun Kingdom were escorted onto the execution stand.

The person in the front was an elderly man; he was the current King of Xuelun, [One Sword]’s father.

Right now, this old king was stripped away of his royal robe, and he was dressed in simple prisoner clothes. There were a few handprints on his face, and he was staggering a little. His hair was messy, but there were still some majestic lights flashing in his eyes. However, he looked depressed and sad.

Behind this old king, there was [One Sword]’s mother. She was more than 50 years old, but it was clear that she had maintained her looks. Her skin was still white and smooth, and wrinkles could barely be seen on her face. She was also in simple prisoner clothes, and she had heavy iron chains on her wrists and ankles. From the look on her face, she was on the verge of mental collapse, and she couldn’t even stand still. If it weren’t for the old king and a pretty woman who looked to be in her mid-twenties holding her up, this queen would have fallen onto the ground.

This pretty woman was also in simple prisoner clothes and iron chains, but she looked a bit more mentally stable. She was beautiful, and she had a kid with her. This kid looked to be five to six years old, and he grabbed onto his mom’s shirt and followed her tightly. He looked like [One Sword], so he should be the son of the biggest traitor of Zenit.

Behind them, there were the other members of the Royal Family of Xuelun, as well as some of their guards. These people weren’t treated as nicely as the previous people. The ones with warrior energies had their collarbones broken, and iron chains penetrated their shoulders and locked them together.

However, these men were all tough. Even though blood dripped down their wounds, and their faces turned pale while their lips turned purple from the pain, they didn’t groan and kept to themselves.

“Kill them! Kill these b*stards of Xuelun!” the crowd shouted while throwing rocks, rotten vegetation, and stinky eggs at them. The hatred that the citizens of Zenit had toward the traitors was on another level. The strength of public opinion was mighty. Once it was ignited, it had the blind power to destroy both enemies and the people themselves.

Right now, the crowds were angry, and the people’s eyes were all red. Even that timid little boy who was about five to six years old had several big bumps on his head after being hit. However, he didn’t cry at all.

His mother protected him to the best of her abilities, and this weak woman who didn’t have any warrior energy used her body to block the attacks for her son. Soon, she was covered in the smell of rotten eggs, and the rocks left many injuries on her body.

Soon, all these people from the Xuelun Kingdom were put on the execution stand.

“Prince [One Sword] of Xuelun had betrayed the Empire and joined the enemies, leading the Ten-Empire United Troops into the territories of Zenit! As a result, the six provinces in the south had fallen, and the Capital was even in danger…” The military clerk announced the decision of the Imperial Military Headquarters, and all these people were going to be hung right away, including males and females, children and elderly. All 31 of them were going to be hung before being decapitated.

A series of cheers sounded from the crowds after this statement was announced.

“No! We are wronged! We are unwilling to die with such verdict…” The pretty woman who was silent suddenly shouted, and she hugged onto her son tightly as she begged, “We don’t know about His Highness’ betrayal! The Xuelun Kingdom didn’t commit treason! The Royal Family of Xuelun had been loyal toward Zenit, and His Highness went to the southern region of Zenit to battle the enemies of Spartax! The 6,000 soldiers of Xuelun also went along! [One Sword] His Highness killed more than a dozen masters of Spartax and was injured more than 20 times. Out of the 6,000 soldiers of Xuelun, 3,781 of them died in battle, and 540 of them became disabled…”

This pretty woman was [One Sword]’s only wife.

This boy who was about five to six years old was [One Sword]’s only child, and his name was Luffy.

However, the pleading and begging of this young woman was overpowered by the curses of the angry crowd.

Right now, no one was calm enough to think everything through.

The fact that [One Sword] had committed treason was something many people witnessed with their own eyes. The scene where he wore the armor of Ormond and battled with the master of Zenit was ironed into many soldiers’ minds.

“Please! Please! It is ok that we die, but please pardon Little Luffy! He is only a child! He doesn’t know anything…”

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