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Hail the King Chapter 737.1

Chapter 737: Second Disciple (Part One)

The Old King of Xuelun looked at Fei with a complicated expression on his face.

He knew that his son treated the King of Chambord as his mortal enemy while he was alive. After the competition at St. Petersburg about half a year ago, [One Sword] started to practice his technique crazily as if he were possessed. He wanted to achieve a breakthrough in terms of cultivation so that he could defeat the King of Chambord.

“Now my son is dead and got stains on his name, and the person who cleaned his name is his mortal enemy. Fate is unpredictable!” the Old King of Xuelun thought to himself.

“Thank you for restoring our master’s reputation!” The few tough men who were tortured kneeled in front of Fei and expressed their gratitude.

Fei didn’t say anything, but he waved his finger, shattering the iron hooks and chains on their shoulders and turning them into powder without touching the wounds. Then, he switched to Paladin Mode and injected golden holy power into these tough men, healing their bodies. Even though that was quick, and Fei’s paladin character wasn’t at a high level, the injuries on these men were mostly cured, and they would completely recover after a few months.

These people were all loyal and virtuous, so Fei had good impressions of them.

“Quick, come over! Little Luffy, quickly thank Mr. Martial Saint! Thank him for saving us!” That beautiful woman didn’t think as much as the old king. She quickly kneeled and kowtowed, trying to express her gratitude. Seeing that her son was able to live, and [One Sword]’s bloodline was saved, she almost saw Fei as a god.

Fei waved his hand, and an invisible energy helped this woman to stand up.

“Are you Uncle Alexander? Thank you for saving my grandpa, grandma, mom, and uncles. You are a great man!” Little Luffy was a little thin, and his skin was tanned by the Sun, looking a little brown. His big dark eyes looked cute, and his tone was childish. However, he tried to act adult-like, and it was funny.

It seemed like Luffy wasn’t scared of strangers. He pulled on Fei’s shirt and said in pity, “When my dad talked with me in private once, he told me that King Alexander of Chambord is a real master! He said that you are the person who he wants to defeat the most, but you are also the person who he admires the most… Uncle Alexander, where did Dad go? Can you teach me how to fight? I want to become a big hero like you and Dad!”

“Huh?” Fei didn’t expect [One Sword] to highly praise him in private. In a sense, it was quite an accomplishment to be praised this way by an opponent.

The king looked at Luffy who was staring back at him with big eyes filled with hope and earnesty, and he smiled and nodded, saying, “Ok. If you are willing to take me as your master, you can become my second disciple!”

Fei didn’t just say this casually.

Now, [One Sword] was dead, and most of the elite soldiers of Xuelun were killed in battle when they followed Crown Prince Arshavin to the Spartax Battle Zone about half a year ago. In addition, the Xuelun Kingdom was punished by the Zenit Empire, and its reputation and strength both fell drastically. It was impossible for them to sustain their status as a level 1 affiliated kingdom, and they might not be able to maintain the status of a level 4 or a level 5 affiliated kingdom.

Since [One Sword] was cold and stayed lonely pretty much his entire life, he had offended a lot of noble families and significant forces in the Empire. Although Fei saved the Royal Family of Xuelun today, others might use all kinds of excuses to cause trouble for them and make their lives harder.

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  1. Draghnof

    Now that I think of it, Luffy is the son of a genius sword master, so it would have been better to name him Zoro (unless it was the real name of One Sword)

  2. Yuhao Huo

    Wait so he just takes a disciple just to help them? He couldn’t just thinks of having an alliance with the Xuelun Kingdom to deter all of their enemies? It feels like a bit of laziness in this

  3. i think the last boss will be this creatures , like the gold skeleton versus humanity. End at the end he will become the new god

  4. Dave Mauricio

    Time to find one piece

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