Chapter 738: Chris Sutton (Part One)

The news about Imperial Martial Saint Alexander taking in [One Sword]’s only child, Luffy, as a disciple quickly spread around St. Petersburg, and the phrase, [One Sword] is innocent, was also passed to everyone’s ears.

The residents who had seen what happened at that execution ground where Fei appeared told everyone they knew about what they experienced and what their hypotheses were. Therefore, the story about how [One Sword] acted as the spy of the Empire and went undercover at the enemies also got spread around.

Under the purposeful push of the [Letter Office], the story about [One Sword] battling until death at Chambord City and killing a prince of Ormond was made known to people.

Therefore, [One Sword] turned from the biggest traitor in the history of Zenit to the most loyal and honorable warrior of Zenit just because of Fei’s words.

Even the Imperial Military Headquarters and the Royal Family of Zenit retracted their verdict on [One Sword]. Although they didn’t officially accept and promote the heroic stories about [One Sword] that were passed around in public, this simple retraction was enough to prove some points.

What surprised a lot of people was that Fei’s reputation and influence as the new Imperial Martial Saint didn’t decrease due to this incident. Instead, it was growing and taking on an upward trend.

The residence that the Xuelun Kingdom had in St. Petersburg was also being visited by a lot of people, and a lot of nobles waited in line to connect with them.

With a royal as the disciple of the Imperial Martial Saint, very few people dared to mess with the Xuelun Kingdom anymore.

-The second day-

Before noon, a black carriage that was pulled by horses slowly came out of the residence of the Xuelun Kingdom and traveled toward Martial Saint Mountain that was located in the middle of the City.

On the way, many people glanced at this carriage with envy and jealousy; they all knew that the little Prince Luffy of Xuelun was heading to Martial Saint Mountain to become the official disciple of Martial Saint Alexander. His luck was beyond disbelief!

Except for little Prince Luffy, there was his mom, Laura, and his grandparents in the carriage.

The journey was smooth, and they reached the foot of Martial Saint Mountain soon.

The people of Martial Saint Mountain were already waiting.

After Martial Saint Krasic died in battle, Martial Saint Mountain was under lockdown. Most of Krasic’s disciples followed Fei; they were all powerful and were great loyal subordinates. Fei placed most of them into the [Letter Office], but he kept a small number of them close by.

Now that Fei was the new Imperial Martial Saint, he reopened Martial Saint Mountain and called back a portion of Krasic’s disciples to maintain its operations.

The muscular young man who was waiting for Little Luffy was Matri, and he was one of the most talented disciples of Krasic. He was a Six-Star Warrior, and his strength grew by a lot after he started to follow Fei. Now, he was already at peak Eight-Star, and his long blond hair would flutter when he spoke with a smile on his handsome face.

After taking Luffy off the carriage, Matri said respectfully, “Luffy Your Highness, welcome to Martial Saint Mountain. Mr. Martial Saint is waiting for you. Laura Your Highness, you can also come to Martial Saint Mountain with Luffy His Highness and take care of him. King and Queen of Xuelun, please head back after saying goodbye to Luffy His Highness!”

Matri was respectful toward Luffy and Laura, but he was neutral toward the King and Queen of Xuelun.

Since Luffy was now Fei’s disciple, he was a young master of Martial Saint Mountain. That was why Matri was respectful toward him. As a member of Martial Saint Mountain, Matri didn’t really care about the king of an affiliated kingdom.

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