Chapter 739: Tough Characters (Part One)

Ten people arrived at the square before the Martial Saint Mountain on horses.

The person in the lead was thin and not that tall, and he was in an ordinary robe. However, there was a light silver mask that covered half of his face, revealing his mouth and chin. He looked quite young and possibly less than 20 years old, and his long blond hair swayed behind his back. Even though he looked calm and peaceful, there was a sense of danger and murderousness coming off of him.

The nine people behind him were all wearing the same kind of black robes, but they were in various ages groups; some elderly people were in their sixties, and some young people were in their twenties. Even though they looked common, their eyes were sharp, and their auras were on another level.

Most of them were between Six-Star and Eight-Star, and two of them had entered low-tier Moon-Class; they were on the same level as Chris Sutton, and it was impressive.

The person in the lead jumped off the horse and chatted with Matri who was waiting there. Then, they walked toward the pavilion.

It was clear that they were the last group of people who were going to go on the Martial Saint Mountain.

“It is them…” The Golden Sun Knight looked at that young man in the mask and was stunned; he didn’t expect to see this group of people here.

“Brother Sutton, who are they? Are they visiting Master as well?” Luffy pointed at the man in the mask and asked in his childish tone.

“I’m not too sure, but it seems like it.” Sutton thought for a while and patted Luffy’s head before saying, “Don’t get too close to these people; they are tough characters.”

“Are they dangerous? Who are they?” Luffy asked with curiosity.

“They are from a mysterious underground organization. That man with the silver mask is one of the two leaders, and he is really mysterious; no one knows where he came from, and no one knows who is behind him. We only know that his nickname is [Young Man]. This organization suddenly appeared about a year ago. In the beginning, not a lot of people paid attention to them. However, now they are the most powerful non-official intelligence network in the Empire. It is heard that even the intelligence of the Imperial Military Headquarters and the Imperial Knight Palace couldn’t figure out their backgrounds. There are a lot of masters in this organization, and there is nothing that they couldn’t find. The most powerful master in this organization is known as the [Bloody Yellow Cape], and this person is known as the most powerful master in the underground world in the Empire. No one knows how powerful this person is, and some people estimate that this [Bloody Yellow Cape] is a Sun-Class Lord!” Chris Sutton said to Luffy in a low voice.

After hearing the serious words that came from Sutton who was an executive knight, Laura got a little scared and quickly pulled her son into her arms before covering his mouth, afraid that her talkative son would trigger and offend those vicious characters.

Sutton was young and already an executive knight, and he was from a big noble family. There weren’t a lot of people who had more prestigious status than him, and he was conceited and haughty.

However, even he was concerned about these people, and that was enough to prove how terrifying that young man with the silver mask was.

Right now, those ten people arrived at the pavilion under the lead of Matri.

It was clear that this man in the mask had paid attention over here. When he looked up and glanced at Sutton, a strange half-smile appeared on his face; it was hard to understand what he was thinking about. Then, he looked at Luffy and observed this boy. He didn’t say anything; instead, he turned over and chatted with someone beside him.

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