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Hail the King Chapter 739.2

Chapter 739: Tough Characters (Part Two)

Even though Luffy was in his mom’s arms and got his mouth tightly covered, he clearly saw that this young man in the mask had given him a friendly smile. For some reason, he felt like this man who was terrifying in Sutton’s eyes was intimate toward him like a big brother.

Soon, they started their journey and climbed up the Martial Saint Mountain.

The path onto the central mountain was quite steep, and they had to pass many tunnels, walk on many stairs, and get through iron chains that were dangling in the air. Ordinary people without warrior energies or magic energies wouldn’t be able to get onto the mountain.

If it weren’t for Sutton who was intimate toward them, Luffy and Laura might not be able to get through all the obstacles and get to the top of the mountain. Matri saw this, but he didn’t say anything. He simply led the way in the front.

After about one hour, this group of people reached the top.

The peak of Martial Saint Mountain was like a paradise. It was warm with fresh air, and the scenery was just stunning. There was green grass, vibrant trees, and even a running river. Beautiful butterflies flew around, and cute animals like rabbits and squirrels appeared frequently.

This was Chris Sutton’s first-time coming to the peak of Martial Saint Mountain. Even though he didn’t know why King Alexander of Chambord wanted to see him, he was very excited.

The fact that he was able to climb the mountain and get to the top was a great honor.

The young man with the silver mask and the people who came with him were asked to rest and wait inside a guest house.

Sutton, Luffy, and Laura were led by another young man of the Martial Saint Mountain, walked through a green path, and arrived at the edge of a cliff in about a dozen minutes. The area near the cliff was more open, and an ancient wooden building stood there quietly.

Beside this wooden building, there was a pavilion that was propped up by four pillars that had green vines grown all over them. There was a handsome, black-haired young man standing in the pavilion and glancing at the entire city from the above. He seemed dashing and ethereal, looking like an immortal who was above all the mortal matters and conflicts.

He was Alexander, the King of Chambord and the Imperial Martial Saint.

After that young man of Martial Saint Mountain led the three people to the pavilion, he reported to Fei and left.

“It is Executive Knight Chris Sutton’s honor to see you, Mr. Martial Saint!”

“Master, your disciple Luffy is here.”

“It is my honor to see you, Mr. Martial Saint!”

The three greeted Fei respectfully and bowed according to their status.

Even though Imperial Martial Saints weren’t involved in the military, politics, or civil matters, their status was superior. Even the royal families couldn’t constrain them!

Their supreme status deserved respectful and sincere greetings.

“Eh, come here.” Fei turned around, nodded, and pointed at the stone chairs in the pavilion, signaling them to sit down.

After the three of them sat down, Sutton looked at Fei and sighed in his mind, “When I was younger and more aggressive, I went to challenge him on his way to St. Petersburg under some people’s provocations. Although I lost that battle on the Dual-Tower Mountain, we could still be considered as young talents. But now, he has transformed into a holy dragon that soars in the sky, and I’m far behind him even though my strength improved. We are no longer on the same level.”

Sutton knew that not only him, but the entire young generation of Zenit was also going to be topped by the King of Chambord, and no one could surpass him.

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  1. When will he become an Emporer? Also Auther-kun I understand that the MC has Long Black waterfall hair so please stop telling me or at least give me a better disciption

    Thanks for the Chapter!

    • OG

      Hahhahaha. It was not light or short and light in thewind 😉

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  3. I still can’t believe that ALL of this happened the day AFTER the war against the various alliances. SMH

  4. bananaisblue

    I dont think Fei is interested to be an emperor. He being Chambord King already tires him enough. His current priority is just to get stronger and strengthen his army. He already has very solid financial resources so more territories dont really matter to him.

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