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Hail the King Chapter 74

Chapter 74: The Right to Chase Dreams

“Eh, first of all, I feel that this Iron Prison – Water Dungeon is very dark and humid. There isn’t any sunlight in here all day; the entire environment is horrible. I also read in the documents that many weak prisoners died in the prison due to illnesses that weren’t treated in time. This proves that this place isn’t too suitable for keeping prisoners, especially since the citizens of Chambord are simple folks. Even if they commit a crime, they are likely only minor offenses. Disputes between neighbours and minor offenses shouldn’t be treated this way. Therefore, I have decided construct a simple prison outside of this underground maze to keep all the minor offenders. Oleg, take care of that for me as fast as you can.”

Oleg was surprised.

He didn’t expect that the first thing the King wanted him to do was this. Logically speaking, this Iron Prison – Water Dungeon was 100% secure. No one had escaped from here in centuries; it was the perfect prison. However……Oleg didn’t dare to object and question any of the king’s decisions. He quickly flattered the king to show his loyalty, “Your Majesty is kind and very compassionate towards your subjects. Please be assured that I will build this external prison in the shortest amount of time.”

Fei nodded and added worriedly, “Eh, great. But you have to remember, don’t disturb the public and don’t forcefully recruit citizens into compulsory labour……Hmm, the tattered Healing Facility for wounded soldiers is unbearable to look at. How about you just bring some people and fix that place up; transform it into a simple prison. The Kingdom currently has limited financial resources, so just do some simple repairs to it.”

Oleg knew it was an opportunity for him. He immediately took it upon himself, “Your Majesty, Oleg will bear all the costs associated with repairing and transforming the new prison. The Kingdom doesn’t have to spend a penny.”

Fei was waiting for Oleg to say that.

He smiled as he tapped Oleg’s shoulder and agreed, “Eh, I’m very pleased by your loyalty. Remember, my governing principle distinguishes between reward and punishment. If your merits and sacrifices are valuable and recognized by all the citizens, I won’t let you suffer any loss.”

After he said that, Fei smiled as he walked toward the exit of the water dungeon.

Oleg was excited when he heard those words of encouragement.

Even his shoulders that were tapped by the King’s hand felt warm. He knew that transforming the prison was a great opportunity for him. He made a decision that he would do a good job of completing the operation, even if it took all his wealth. Moreover, the King had clearly hinted that he didn’t just need to satisfy him, but also the citizens as well…… This kind of hint gave him more confidence.



After leaving the dark and gloomy prison, Fei sent away the guards and slowly walked towards the city centre on his own through the path on the mountain as he enjoyed the beauty of his kingdom under the sunset.

He accomplished a few things today: revamping the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon and surprisingly discovering and acquiring the precious Map of the Mythical Ruins. Fei was hyped; under the beautiful scenery and sounds of nature, he had the urge to roar into the sky.

Under the sunset, everything seemed golden. It was supper time, and smoke from cooking curled up across the residences. Birds returned to their nests and leaves returned to their roots.

Fei was walking leisurely in the castle; he was in no rush to get back.

He wanted to observe the daily lives of his citizens close up. Every scene was new and fresh to Fei who just gotten to this world. It was as if he walked into a fantasy world; the stone structures and building, huge stone statues of Gods, exotic culture, and everything around him were things that he had never seen before. Beside opening his eyes, he had a strange feeling that he was merging into this world.

This castle was quiet and peaceful, as if it was in heaven.

Fei’s “fame” in the kingdom was unparalleled; there wasn’t a single person that didn’t recognize him. When he was walking on the street, people came up and greeted him frequently. Although there was a huge status separation on Azeroth Continent, it wasn’t like ancient times on Earth where subjects had to kneel down to the empire every time they saw him. That saved Fei a lot of trouble. He smiled and responded back to them as he walked in the castle and enjoyed the exotic sceneries. He was surprised to find that he was slowly getting attaching to this small remote kingdom and becoming a part of it. The feeling of inseparability grew in his heart crazily like grass after a heavy rain.

“Hey, you sly Zacker, stop running!”

Children’s laughter sounded beside Fei’s ear. A clumsy boy rushed out of a dark alley and crashed into Fei by accident. The little guy opened his crystal blue diamond-like eyes widely and stared at Fei. A bunch of kids were chasing behind him, a mix of boys and girls. They were dirty; they all had dust on their little faces and wrinkled clothes. They smiled as they saw Fei.

Fei was surprised to see Pierce’s 12-year-old daughter Louise in the crowd. The girl who looked like a pretty and delicate doll was currently messy. Her red hair was scattered around her shoulders, and a few dark mud stains “decorated” her white face. It was hard for Fei to relate her to the girl who was cold and mature and willing to become his lover if he saved her father. She was a child after all; she would show her childish and playful side when she was playing with kids in her age group.

“It’s King Alexander……”

The moment that Fei recognized Louise, she had also recognized Fei as well. An undetectable shyness and slyness flashed on her face. She and her friends quickly surrounded Fei.

Soon, the citizens of Chambord discovered something very interesting.

As if they found a new favourite toy, more and more mischievous kids formed a circle on the small square. They sat quietly on the ground as they rested their heads on their knees and burst into laughter occasionally. In the middle of the circle, it was their supreme King Alexander who was telling stories to the kids. He had a bright smile on his face; just like the traveling poets and storytellers, he held kids in his lap and arms and told them stories and tales, disregarding the dirt on their clothes.

“God of War, thank you for your generosity for giving us such an brave and honourable king.”

Everyone who saw the scene felt something growing in their hearts. Originally, some women were looking for their kids for supper angrily with a broom in their hands. However, after seeing their kids listening to King Alexander’s stories, they were surprised and delighted. They all stood on the side and waited patiently.


In the middle of the circle.

“Haha, alright. That’s enough for today. There are more stories to the adventure of the Evil Master Mage Bumblebee and his lazy servant Sam. If you guys want, I will tell you guys more tomorrow. It’s dark already, quickly go home and eat your supper!” Fei rubbed the dirty face off a little guy who was sitting beside him. He then stood up and slapped the dirt off of his butt and smiled as he ended the storytelling session for today.

“Oh……I don’t want to go home. It’s so boring.” The kids murmured as they complained.

The little guys wanted more. They all stared at Fei as they were reluctant to leave Fei. It made Fei feel very proud, as if he had won a war. He laughed, ” You guys are still young. When you grow up, you can become prestige mages and honourable warriors. Just like Bumblebee, you guys will have experiences and adventures with your servants……”

“But we can’t become mages and warriors…… Your Majesty, my dad only knows how to work with metal. I can only become a blacksmith.” A boy said in pity.

“Yeah, no mage would want to teach kids from an ordinary family, and we don’t have energy training scrolls……” Another boy said in wrinkly clothes. “My family is too poor. We can’t even have full meals. My dad said that he will send me to Viscount Lousie’s mansion to become a servant……”

“Only nobles and rich merchants in Chambord can afford getting a Mage or warrior teacher for their kids……” The red haired Louise added as she winked her eyes. “Only if someone is willing to teach us…… it’s too bad, but my lazy dad doesn’t know anything about energy, humph!”

The kids were all suddenly disappointed. The smiles disappeared from the little dirty faces and they were replaced by sadness that didn’t belong to kids of their age. They all wanted to become heroes, but the cruel reality murdered their dreams at the infant stage. The low social status and pressure for survival took away their right to chase after their dreams.

After seeing the sad and disappointed faces, Fei felt his heart ache.

Suddenly, a lightbulb flashed in his head and he had a terrific idea.


After he returned to the palace, the servants had already prepared the dinner. Angela and Emma were no where to be found; Fei felt a bit strange. The royal “chefs” skills were not that good; for the last couple days, except for roasted meat, bread and milk, there were only fruits. Fei was already over them, but he had to get some food into his stomach. After eating a few bites, he walked to his private quarters in the palace. He wanted some peace and quiet so he could think through the couple of important plans he wanted to execute.

At this time, Angela finally returned with Emma.

“Where did you guys go? I haven’t seen you guys all day.” Fei smiled.

“Hehehe, Your Majesty, did you miss Angela?”

Emma winked at Fei as she pushed Angela into Fei’s arms. She giggled, “it was quite a coincidence. We bumped into Princess Tanasha in the Royal Canonization Legion and chatted with her for a long time…… Your Majesty, her highness is very friendly. She didn’t talk to us with any air of superiority. She had a good conversation with Angela……Hehe, she also asked a lot of things about Your Majesty.”

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