Chapter 740: Not Going to Learn Sword (Part One)

Fei didn’t have the arrogance that usually came along with the supreme status such as being the Imperial Martial Saint, and he was quite casual when he talked.

After chatting for a while, Sutton gradually realized that he just started to understand the legendary man in front of him.

The rumors that were passed around in the upper-class circle in the Zenit Empire said that the King of Chambord was savage, rude, impolite, and arrogant.

Now, Sutton realized that all those were just rumors after all. Only the people who were close to the King of Chambord knew how he was.

Sutton was very thankful toward Fei for helping him elevate his realm.

Fei waved his hand and explained with a smile on his face, “Even Sun-Class Lords couldn’t elevate a warrior to Moon-Class easily. Otherwise, wouldn’t Moon-Class Elites be more common? If that is the case, the empires with Sun-Class Lords would have a lot of Moon-Class Elites. The most important thing is that you were at the threshold, and you were only one step away from becoming a Moon-Class Elite. To break that threshold, your strength, luck, courage, mental stability, momentary condition… Everything must be aligned. That day during battle, your spirit, energy, and mind were all in harmony, and you were devoted in battle. You were in the [Raged State], one of the four states that could facilitate breakthroughs. I only gave you a little push; it was your hard work and accumulation that got you here. If you were afraid of the masters of Leon, I wouldn’t be able to help you get into Moon-Class even though I’m much more powerful!”

Fei was telling the truth.

Sutton was in a unique state that day. As if two people had crushes on each other, Fei was like that friend who pushed them to take the leap of faith.  Everything else went according to nature from that point on.

If it were anyone else, Fei might not be able to help that person become a Moon-Class Elite.

Even though this was the case, Sutton was still very thankful.

He knew that if he missed that opportunity and didn’t receive help from Fei, it might take him one to two years to advance to Moon-Class on his own. Also, since Fei helped him out, the energy of Sun-Class had left marks in his body and could lead the way for him in the future.

In a sense, there was now a Sun-Class seed in his body, and it would help him comprehend the energy that was on a higher level.

He was very fortunate!

Fei nodded and looked at Sutton as he said, “It isn’t me who summoned you here; the Royal Family had sent the Emperor’s Order, asking you to leave the Imperial Knight Palace, take off the position as the Tenth Executive Knight, and come to Martial Saint Mountain to cultivate and practice techniques. Are you willing to do that?”

Sutton was stunned for a moment before he realized what was happening.

If it were a year ago, he wouldn’t be willing to ditch the honor of being an executive knight and the glory of the Imperial Knight Palace to come to stay at this lonely mountain. Although Martial Saint Mountain was great, it might be too low-key since there was almost no opportunity to show-off.

However, after all these experiences he had this year, this executive knight who had been arrogant and conceited already grew by a lot, and he was able to see through the materialism.

Therefore, Sutton was overjoyed, and he quickly agreed.

“Eh, since the Chaos Era has arrived, and wars are going to occur between empires, Zenit will be involved as well. Even though the Zenit Empire is more remote, located to the north of the Continent, and wouldn’t be in direct conflicts, it is hard for the Empire to stay out of it completely. This war between Zenit and the Ten-Empire United Troops exposed a lot of Zenit’s weaknesses. The most important issue is that the Empire lacks top-tier masters, and there are too few Moon-Class Elites. The Royal Family wants you to study at Martial Saint Mountain because of your great talent. As one of the best young men in this generation, you have the potential to reach higher realms…” Fei explained further.

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