Chapter 741: The Real Ruler (Part One)

Luffy rubbed his chin and pondered like an adult. After a while, he suddenly thought of something and laughed, “My dad told me that your fist techniques are the most powerful! I want to learn that from you!”

“Fist Technique?” Fei smiled.

His previous [Sky Frost Fist] and his current [Invincible Emperor Fist] were both techniques that he was proud of, but these two techniques were powered by the insane physical strength of the barbarian and required the understanding of barbarian skills. Besides, Fei created these two techniques from the experiences he had while battling monsters and demons in Diablo World and the murderous spirit that he accumulated.

Other people didn’t have a golden finger like Diablo World, so they couldn’t learn and comprehend the two fist techniques that Fei created.

However, there were some ferocious fist techniques from the Mythical Era that were documented on [Demon King’s Sword]. If they were mastered, the power that one could unleash was insane as well.

Since Luffy was still young, it was the best time for him to start practicing combat techniques and cultivating. After all, children were able to pick up things much faster.

After making the decision, Fei nodded and agreed to Luffy’s request. This little guy got so excited that he jumped up and down.

Beside them, Laura also got a little emotional.

[One Sword]’s death was a massive blow to her. If it weren’t for Luffy who still needed her care, she might have committed suicide and followed her husband to the netherworld. The deep connection between them was hard for outsiders to understand.

Her husband was a great hero, so she also wanted their son to follow [One Sword]’s path and become someone who was looked up to by many people.

However, she was only [One Sword]’s wife who was from a poor family. She didn’t have any power, the support of an influential family, or a high status in the Xuelun Kingdom, so she wasn’t able to boost her son on the path of success.

However, tragedy turned into fortune, and her son got the legendary Imperial Martial Saint’s liking and was taken in as a disciple.

After thinking back to the fervent King and Queen of Xuelun, the envious servants, and the flattering that came from the influential figures of Zenit, Laura knew that her son’s life changed, and all of that was brought to them by this young and handsome Imperial Martial Saint.

After chatting with Luffy for a while, a member of Martial Saint Mountain came over and brought Laura and Luffy to their residence.

Fei sat down at the pavilion and waited.

Soon, a series of footsteps sounded.

Under the lead of Matri, that man with the silver mask and the nine masters behind him arrived at the pavilion.

As soon as that man with the silver mask got to the pavilion, he suddenly started to shiver. He quickened his steps, took off his mask, and kneeled as he said, “Your Majesty, I… I finally saw you again!”

The nine masters behind him were shocked.

They had followed this man with the mask for a while now, and they were used to their leader being calm and calculative even in front of powerful enemies. This was their first time seeing their leader acting this way.

“Could it be that our leader is afraid of the Imperial Martial Saint? Or… Why is our leader addressing the Imperial Martial Saint as Your Majesty? Could it be…”

These men who were able to follow the man with the silver mask this closely were all strong and intelligent characters, and they instantly thought everything through.

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