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Hail the King Chapter 743.1

Chapter 743: I’m Leaving (Part One)

After reading all the intelligence reports, Fei felt a bit anxious.

All five regions of the Continent fell into chaos. Clearly, there was more to it than there seemed to be.

Although the intelligence reports didn’t say anything specific, and all the information on them were just simple facts, Fei felt like a mysterious and powerful dark force was pushing everything forward and stirring up wars on the Continent.

It was unbelievable! What kind of a force was able to instigate wars on this Continent that was so vast that even gods had a hard time going around?

Could it really be gods and demons who were behind all of this?

Fei slowly closed the last intelligence report that was on the table and fell into a moment of silence. It seemed like he was thinking about something that was complicated.

After more than ten minutes, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “There wouldn’t be intact eggs left if the basket is broken. In order to protect Chambord and the Empire, just defeating the Leonians and the Ormondians aren’t enough… It looks like I need to go out!”

“Go out… Your Majesty, you mean…”

“For a long time, we have only stayed in this region of the Continent, not knowing what is going on outside. If we stay like this and don’t do anything until the flames of wars from the other regions spread here, it will be too late. I have a feeling that Chambord will face mighty and evil enemies. Before they come, I need to go out and check out the empires in all five regions, understanding their culture and strength. We can only stay invincible if we know what we are dealing with. Also, it is good for me to travel around and see the world. I can meet other legendary masters, make some new friends, and temper myself. That is the only way for me to reach another realm!”

Fei stood up and glanced at the Capital. He knew that if he continued to stay in this region and didn’t check out the rest of the world, he was going to be left behind by this continent and this era. After all, a lot of things were happening.

The Zenit Empire was like a little pond; what kind of waves could there be? How big could fishes get in here?

Fei had been in this world for more than a year now, and his strength and Chambord’s power had both increased drastically compared with a year ago, and it was about time for him to go out and check out this fascinating world.

Modric lowered his head and thought for a moment before saying, “Then, please allow me to organize it for you, Your Majesty.”

Fei shook his head and said, “No need. I’m just going to wander around the Continent, and there isn’t any set route. Also, most of the [Letter Office]’s forces are underground, and almost no one knows about the connection between the [Letter Office] and Chambord. If you make plans, sensitive people might notice something; it will hinder the [Letter Office]’s future growth! If I do need the [Letter Office] for anything, I will contact the local managers.”

“I got it. Your Majesty, don’t worry. I will handle this.” Modric thought about something and nodded.

“Eh, the atmosphere inside the Empire is quite strange, and a lot of undercurrents are at work. Although I stunned a lot of people yesterday, the ones who are ambitious will jump out and cause trouble after I leave. Therefore, you will have a lot of work to do. I won’t keep you here any longer.” Fei took out a storage ring that he prepared ahead of time and gave it to Modric.

He continued, “These are the things that I prepared for you. Take it and used the items effectively!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Modric took the storage ring and put it on his finger carefully.

The people who had been around the king for while all knew that the items that the king gifted were always unique and special. It didn’t matter if it were items or secret scrolls; they were all mystical.

Although Modric hadn’t been around Fei for a long time, he knew this clearly, and he was delighted to receive this gift from Fei.

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  1. admiralen

    Why would he have to temper himself lol
    He gets all his power from diablo so just spend a couple days to months beating hell and further and you will be as invincible as you will get

    • Ejaz Ahmed

      an excuse for more chapter’s

    • Nuex Mark

      the continent is vast even as a sun class lord he wont dare enter beyond the forest on the back mountains of chamborg,and besides even if he can be strong just staying in the diablo world it be boring asf for us readers and as fei being isekaid on new continent he only explored 10% of it lol

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