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Hail the King Chapter 743.2

Chapter 743: I’m Leaving (Part Two)

Then, Fei looked at the [Cold Blood Nine Eagles] carefully, and he switched to the Paladin Mode. He activated his skills and sent a few streaks of golden energies into their bodies.

The [Cold Blood Nine Eagles] were surprised at first, but then they were overjoyed as elated expressions appeared on their faces. They sensed that the old hidden injuries which had been in their bodies for many years were all healed after those golden energies went through.

It was magical!

The power of Sun-Class Lords was profound.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The nine masters all kneeled and expressed their gratitude.

Fei smiled and said, “While working for the [Letter Office], you had to fight with a lot of masters and sustained these injuries. Since this is our first encounter, I don’t have any gifts prepared for you as the big boss; healing these injuries for you is something within reason. After leaving the mountain, you can each get one godly herb from Modric; that will be the gifts from me to you guys!”

After that exchange, Modric bowed at Fei again before putting on the silver mask. Then, he and the [Cold Blood Nine Eagles] left reluctantly under the lead of a member of Martial Saint Mountain, disappearing into afar.

Fei looked at them and pondered.

The [Cold Blood Nine Eagles] were the ones whom Modric chose to bring up Martial Saint Mountain, so they were all loyal. Therefore, Fei didn’t want to avoid them when he was talking about sensitive topics with Modric.

However, these people’s strengths were much more powerful than Modric’s. If their strengths increased more, their ambitions might grow as well. Therefore, Fei left spiritual seals on them silently when he was curing their injuries. If anything happened, Fei would be able to detect it even if he were hundreds of kilometers away.

He stood by the edge of the cliff for a long time, and the cold breeze that blew against his face made his mind very clear.

While looking through the intelligence reports that [Old Man] Zolasc collected, the idea of traveling around the Continent grew stronger and got more apparent in Fei’s mind.

The [Letter Office]’s power was far from reaching deep into the five regions of the Continent, so the information that it collected was broad and not specific, only describing the rough trends.

The truth could only be discovered by Fei himself.

The golden skeleton that resided in [One Sword]’s body was something that had been troubling Fei for a few days now.

After it got away, Fei didn’t know what trouble it would bring in the future.

Fei could clearly sense the strong hatred that the golden skeleton had toward him, and it seemed like that demon had a special intention toward Chambord. If Fei weren’t wrong, it would become back to Chambord once it could find a new body to possess.

“What exactly is it? Could it be that the wars which are happening are related to it? In terms of time, it escaped from the Mythical Altar exactly about half a year ago, and that was when the Chaos Era arrived…”

Fei shook his head and suddenly punched out.

A golden dragon-like energy fist dashed into the sky and merged into this space; it didn’t cause any significant changes.

However, if anyone above the realm of peak Moon-Class saw this, they would discover a crystal-like, transparent energy flame burning about 100 meters away from the cliff. It contained great power, and it didn’t disperse into the air.

Fist Spiritual Spatial Seal!

Fei concealed a portion of his Sun-Class strength into this space, making it stay there for a long time. Therefore, if enemies attacked St. Petersburg, got into the Capital, and triggered these invisible seals, they would be instantly turned into dust by the insane amount of energy in the crystals.

After punching out once, Fei didn’t stop.

He then punched out 21 times and sealed a vast amount of golden energy into the area around Martial Saint Mountain quietly.

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