Chapter 744: The Second [Worldstone] (Part One)

The terrifying Sun-Class strength was sealed around the Martial Saint Mountain under the king’s insane spirit energy. The transparent crystal-like fist spiritual spatial seals were put into the space around here, and ordinary people couldn’t sense these murderous and powerful seals; it was as if they weren’t there. However, these seals protected the entire Martial Saint Mountain like many invisible and indestructible iron walls.

These 22 fist spiritual spatial seals could last more than 100 years before dispersing into the air.

From now on, the Martial Saint Mountain couldn’t be conquered by tens of thousands of soldiers unless there were several Sun-Class Lords amongst them.

After all of this was done, Fei went back into the ancient wooden building, thought for a bit longer, and recorded several basic fist techniques from [Demon King’s Sword] that were for Luffy to learn and study. Then, he drew a safety map of the Martial Saint Mountain so that people could walk around and avoid triggering his fist spiritual spatial seals.

After summoning Matri and telling him a bit more things, Fei left the Martial Saint Mountain quietly.

St. Petersburg was still busy, and the atmosphere in the Capital was intense.

The conscription was still on-going. More and more young men were recruited into the military, and they were receiving as much military knowledge as they could. The Empire was trying to make them get used to the military life and the real murderous battlefields.

Under the call of the Royal Family of Zenit, the noble families and big forces in the Empire all opened their wallets and donated a lot of money and resources to facilitate the war. The giant war machine started to rumble.

After Emperor Yassin established the Zenit Empire many years ago, he had used the rest and growth policy. Therefore, the empire got a lot of resources stacked up. Even though it was in war with several other level 1 empires, it didn’t use its full strength. Once all its power was unleashed, it could temporarily compete with level 4 and level 5 empires! The jump in strength was unimaginable!

When Fei flew over St. Petersburg, he looked down at the Royal Palace of Zenit which was built beside mountains.

He was probably the only person in the Empire that knew a great ruler was hiding in these white buildings. Even if he left the Empire temporarily, this unparalleled genius warrior could control the situation, and the Empire wouldn’t be in too great of a danger.

After a short while, Fei went back to Chambord.

Right now, the Chambord Kingdom was also preparing for war.

The west side of the defense wall that was destroyed by the Xuan’ge was being restored; half of it was already built.

The harbor on the Zuli River was being upgraded, and another Reverse Whale Battleship was put into use. It was named [Chambord], and it was transporting people across the Zuli River alongside [King Alexander].

Many envoy groups were camped on the south side of the river while the important figures went into Chambord City before the wedding. Now, most of them had left.

Only the envoy groups that were apart of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] were captured by the bylaw enforcement officers. These people got their weapons stripped away, and they were used as temporary workers and participated in the renovation and construction project at Chambord.

Fei returned to Five Sword Sky Mountain, but he didn’t see his two wives in the [Godly King Palace].

After asking the maids, he learned that Angela asked Elena to go to the back mountains with her, the three dragons, and Blacky; they were going there to train the supreme king-level Demon Beast Legion.

The intense atmosphere in Chambord City couldn’t be hidden from the two queens. Therefore, they wanted to help their husband and alleviate some of the pressure; they weren’t slacking.

After thinking for a bit, Fei decided to take the risk that he had been thinking for a while now before leaving Chambord.

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