Chapter 744: The Second [Worldstone] (Part Two)

He summoned Akara and Cain into the Sky Castle.

This wasn’t the first time that these two mad scientists came to this legendary city, but they were still impressed by it. Every single structure and trace of magic engraving would fascinate these two.

Under Fei’s urge, the three of them entered the mysterious space inside the central mountain using the unique teleportation ability of [The Throne of Chaos], appearing in front of the Mythical Altar.

“Are you sure about this?” Akara and Cain glanced at each other before asking Fei in all seriousness, “The injection of energy would probably make this huge city transform a little, but that is only based on our estimations. We aren’t 100% sure! Perhaps what you will only waste a [Worldstone] this time!”

“My instinct tells me that it will not be that bad!” Fei smiled and walked onto the giant Mythical Altar.

When Fei purified the [Worldstone] that he obtained from Normal Mode Diablo World, his blood dripped all over the Mythical Altar.

After that, Fei felt like there was a unique connection between him and the Sky Castle.

Standing at the top of the Mythical Altar, the king felt like he was standing by a loved one.

Then, he slowly took out the [Worldstone] that he got from Nightmare Mode Diablo World.

It was a [Worldstone] that was stained by the evil hell energy, and it was the size of three fists. It was in an oval-shape, and eye-piercing red lights flashed on it, instantly turning the entire space inside the mountain red. Then, the thick, evil energy rushed out of it, making it look like the air in the space was thick blood.

Akara and Cain both got very serious.

They were the most experienced people in the [Rogue Encampment], and they were almost ancient beings. They had witnessed the legendary battles between Heaven and Hell, and they saw angels and demons fighting. They sensed this evil energy before, and they knew how terrifying it was. They had seen villages getting destroyed, land splitting open, corpses turning into zombies, heroes falling into demons, and skeletons climbing out of their tombs.

They were familiar with this energy, and they hated it.

After placing this stained Nightmare Mode [Worldstone] onto the top of the Mythical Altar, Fei lightly exhaled and closed his eyes, summoning that mysterious stone pillar inside his body.

Soon, Fei got a response.

The quiet and silent Mythical Altar started to shake. As if a mysterious energy that was sleeping suddenly woke up, that mysterious stone pillar which resided inside Fei’s body listened to Fei’s words for the first time and dashed out of his body. In the beginning, it was only the size of a forearm. However, it quickly grew into the thickness of a big tree and was more than 100 meters tall, standing on the top-level of the Mythical Altar and pressing against the ceiling of this space which was inside the mountain.

As if it sensed the evil energy, the Mythical Altar let out a series of roars.

Fei and the two mad scientists went back to [The Throne of Chaos].

In the next moment, the nine-leveled Mythical Altar started to move. Each level of the altar spun either to the left or to the right randomly at different speed and frequencies. It seemed like it was following some kind of profound patterns.

Then, silver godly runes flashed on each of the levels and slowly dashed out of the altar, making different patterns and images in the air. It seemed like it was calculating something or making some kinds of prophecies.

Fei had seen it once before, so he wasn’t surprised.

However, Akara and Cain were both stunned by what they saw, and their bodies started to shiver uncontrollably.

As lights flashed in their eyes, they stared at the godly runes that were moving around and forming different images and texts.

It was clear that they discovered something.

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