Chapter 745: Purification Not Completed (Part One)

“These are ancient godly runewords. They are making… making…” Cain opened his mouth, but he was so excited that he couldn’t even put a sentence together, and his goatee shook and swayed.

“It is writing out a control technique… This is… the technique that can control the Sky Castle? What else? No, this is too fast! I can’t remember all this! We need to document it; quick!”

Akara instantly took out a giant piece of divvy crystal from her storage ring, put a strand of magic energy into it, and started to record all the godly runewords that were flashing in the air. However, she quickly gave up and sighed, “Godly runewords are way too profound, and they are hard to understand. Ordinary divvy crystals can’t document all of this. It looks like we can only rely on our memories!”

The two mad scientists opened their eyes wide and observed the images, patterns, and texts that were flashing before them without even blinking.

Fei didn’t say anything; he was only trying to memorize these runewords.

After getting [Learn], which was one of the three miraculous skills, he obtained photographic memory on top of getting more intelligence.

Although the godly runewords created a lot of images, patterns, and texts, and they were shot out of the moving nine-level Mythical Altar, Fei didn’t try to understand them on the spot and only decided to memorize everything directly. Somehow, the vast amount of information was engraved into his mind precisely.

Akara and Cain were much inferior in this aspect.

They were both much older. Even though they studied magic and had a lot of stamina, they felt dizzy after staring at the moving runewords for a long time. They soon gave up on memorizing all this information and looked at Fei. They didn’t dare to make a sound, afraid that it would disturb Fei and make him miss half a symbol.

This entire process lasted about two to three hours.

During this entire time, the nine levels of the Mythical Altar continued to move at different speed, rhythm, and frequency. The silver runes continued to dash out of the Mythical Altar as if they had lives of their own, and they floated in the air and combined into many ancient images, patterns, and texts in mysterious sequences.

This process seemed like a movie, and it was really quick.

The red, evil hell energy that filled the entire space inside the mountain was sucked into the spinning Mythical Altar as if it were water beside a dry sponge. As time passed by, the red energy that permeated the air quickly weakened and got lighter.

The [Worldstone] that was placed on the top of the altar was being purified at the same time. The red energy flames that enveloped the crystal slowly died down, revealing that dreamy and fascinating sky-blue color from the top corner.

Fei also noticed that while this process was happening, the size of the [Worldstone] was decreasing bit by bit. Although this change was minuscule, it was occurring, meaning that the operation of the Mythical Altar was consuming a vast amount of energy.

After one more hour, just as Fei felt dizzy as a ton of foreign and new information was jammed into his head, the rumbling noises that were sounding in this space quieted down. It was a great thing since Fei felt like his head was about to explode.

The spinning nine-level Mythical Altar slowed down, and the silver runes that were floating in the air also quickly flashed back into the Mythical Altar like birds returning to their nests.

At the same time, all the profound images, patterns, and texts also dispersed into the area, nowhere to be seen.

The inside of the mountain felt humid and heated.

The high heat was generated from the stone plates of the Mythical Altar grinding against each other, and it was making this closed area very hot.

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