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Hail the King Chapter 745.2

Chapter 745: Purification Not Completed (Part Two)

That mysterious stone pillar which stood on top of the Mythical Altar had absorbed a lot of energy through this purification process, and changes took place on it.

Although its size didn’t change much, a lot of its rough, stone-like surface fell off, revealing the smooth and reflective surface underneath.

The surface underneath looked like white jade, and there wasn’t any patterns or images engraved on it. However, a warm light was coming off it, and there was a wave of spiritual fluctuations that only Fei could sense.

After the Mythical Altar stopped moving, a silver light flashed by, and that mysterious stone pillar quickly shrunk back to the size of a forearm and dashed into Fei’s body. It looked like it went back to its old state and fell into a deep sleep.

“Huh? The [Worldstone] isn’t completely purified. Only about one-tenth…”

A bit surprised by the mysterious stone pillar’s behavior, Fei suddenly saw that the Nightmare Mode [Worldstone] which was placed at the top of the Mythical Altar wasn’t completely purified. Only about one-tenth of it turned back to blue, and the rest nine-tenths were still bloody-red and filled with evil hell energy.

“This isn’t strange. This [Worldstone] is a few hundred times bigger than the last one. The last one could be purified in one go, but it is hard to purify this one in one sitting. We have to repeat this process several times before it could be completely purified!”

Cain was like a living encyclopedia from Diablo World, and he quickly explained the reasons to Fei.

After some thoughts, he added, “However, the purified portion of the [Worldstone] could already be used. It is rare to see both pure and evil energies residing inside the same [Worldstone], and they aren’t fighting each other. Perhaps a [Worldstone] that contains both energies is the most powerful and terrifying!”

“Eh, it looks like the Mythical Altar needs some rest before it can be used again. This is all that we can get this time…” Akara nodded as she pondered. Then, she suddenly recalled something and got excited. She shouted as she pulled on Fei’s robe, “Quick! Write down all the godly runewords and the ancient texts that you memorized! Don’t try to fool us! I know that your memory is excellent, and you have memorized all of it! Quick! Quick! Quick!”

“Yeah, you always run from us when we meet! You can’t run this time! If you don’t write down the information, we will, we will…” Cain also got very anxious. After a while, he thought of a great threat and laughed proudly, “We will stop working! Haha!”

Fei smiled when he saw their impatience, and he didn’t refuse. After the three of them returned to the [Godly King Palace], Fei wrote down one percent of the information that he remembered, and that alone took about one hour while hundreds of pages were used.

After that, he put the brush away and said, “The images, patterns, and texts that those godly runewords created are just too much, and I can’t write everything down in one sitting. Here are about 100 sheets of information, and they are enough for you two to study for several months. After you figure them all out, I will draw more for you!”

Akara and Cain knew that Fei was telling the truth, so they had to nod and agree.

The two of them grabbed all the papers and went back to their laboratory that was built in the mysterious stone room through a portal. They looked like two kids who got their hands on a big cake.

Right now, there was a delighted expression on Fei’s face.

He discovered the Sky Castle’s biggest secret just now!

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