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Hail the King Chapter 746.1

Chapter 746: 81 Functions (Part One)

Fei had been studying with Akara and Cain, and he grasped some of the concepts and knowledge about the godly runes. Therefore, he was able to comprehend some of the information that he memorized. Also, he had a unique connection to the Sky Castle by blood, so he suddenly understood something after Akara and Cain left

He slowly walked to the small pond in front of the throne in the [Godly King Palace].

Right now, only one golden lotus bud was mature, and its petals were open. However, even though the other eight buds were still not matured yet, they were very close to their blossom stage.

This golden lotus had been here forever. When Fei first came into the [Godly King Palace], the golden lotus only had vines and leaves around it. Later, one of the lotus buds blossomed with other green vines and buds scattered around it. Now, almost all nine golden lotus buds were about to be fully blooming. A series of change was taking place.

In the beginning, Fei thought that this plant was an ordinary decorative piece, and he didn’t pay much attention to it.

While Fei was trying his best to memorize all the runewords for the two mad scientists, he comprehended a lot of information during the process and got hints from the godly runewords. Now, he finally understood that golden lotuses plants were for controlling all the mechanisms in the Sky Castle including but not limited to defense, offense, array formation, and illusion creation.

It was unexpected!

Fei always felt like the Sky Castle didn’t reveal its full beauty and power.

In the legends, the Sky Castle was a huge mystical city that even the gods wanted to control. Also, it was heard that the current Continental Martial Saint, Maradona, was only a little Moon-Class Elite when he entered the Sky Castle by chance. After that experience, he shined like a brilliant star, becoming the most powerful being on this continent.

However, when Fei got his hands on this giant city which was legendary and was rumored to have all kinds of power, it became a city that could only fly and achieve essential stealth. Its current form deviated from the legends too much.

Now, Fei realized that he didn’t understand the real way of controlling this city.

He closed his eyes and tried to organize everything that he had learned so far. Then, he switched to Druid Mode, and a dense wave of nature elements appeared on Fei.

It seemed like this blooming golden lotus sensed this energy, and it started to sway gently as if it were dancing and cheering.

Fei got close to the golden lotus and reached out his finger. A stream of thick, green natural elements rushed into one of the lotus buds that were about to blossom.

Like a sleeping beauty who was waking up and opening her beautiful eyes, that lotus bud started to bloom slowly and reveal its glory.

The smooth and white petals that had golden lights around them slowly opened as if the process of blooming was sped up by more than 100 times. Soon, this golden lotus plant that had nine levels with a bud on each level was fully blooming, and each of the buds turned into a lotus with nine petals. Between the petals, the nine snow-white, crystal-like stamens looked like the creations of the gods.

As if this plant had a life of its own, it was lightly swaying in front of Fei, and it seemed like it was trying to play with Fei.

At the same time, Fei sensed a layer of invisible energy sphere suddenly appearing. With the [Godly King Palace] which was located on the peak of the central mountain as the center, it expanded outward and instantly enveloped the Sky Castle. Different from the other energy sphere which only helped this city achieve stealth, this energy sphere was extremely firm; even Fei might not be able to break it open.

This was all because this lotus plant was in control of the defense of the Sky Castle.

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    I think I missed the part where he ate mushrooms?

  2. Herb Nesbitt

    It was as if the lotus has a life of its own. Well, yes lotus are alive… Thanks for the chapter !

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