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Hail the King Chapter 746.2

Chapter 746: 81 Functions (Part Two)

This golden lotus that just blossomed was in charge of [Block].

All nine lotus flowers on this lotus plant was in control of one unique ability. Except for the one that had the function of [Block], the other eight functions were [Stealth], [Rebound], [Alert], [Internal], [Inspection], [Analysis], [Isolation], and [Illusion].

This unique way of controlling the city seemed to have borrowed key concepts from the ancient elves, and it was clear that the person who created this city knew the secret techniques of the elves.

In a sense, this city showed how powerful and influential this person was since he created a flying city that had unlimited potential.

If one wanted to control this city, they must have the unique abilities of the elves such as communicating with plants. That way, they would be able to control this lotus plant and use the nine lotus flowers to alter and protect the Sky Castle accordingly.

However, Fei was a unique person, and he had access to all seven classes in Diablo World. Even though the druid character wasn’t an elf, he loved nature and had control over natural elements. Therefore, Fei was also able to talk to the golden lotus plant.

This was probably something that the creator of this city didn’t even anticipate.

According to the information that Fei obtained from the godly runewords, once the Sky Castle got enough energy, eight more lotus plants would grow out of this pond.

Just like this golden lotus plant, the other eight lotus plants would be crucial to the function of this city.

They would be in charge of attack, move, rescue, circulation, absorb, time, information, and belief. Also, each of the lotus plants would have nine lotus flowers on them, and each of the lotus flowers would handle one aspect of the broader control.

Overall, nine golden lotus plants controlled this city by offering the owner 81 powerful and useful abilities.

When all these abilities were activated, the Sky Castle would live up to its fame.

Once the Sky Castle was recharged, each of the 81 abilities would be able to rival with the gods, and it would be almost impossible to break into the city.

Under the empowerment of these 81 abilities, this city would return to its former glory and become the legendary city that would never wither.

With complete control of this great city, Fei would have a god-tier fortress that would be invincible in battle and impossible for his enemies to break.

With this city in hand, Fei could dominate the Continent and become an overlord.

However, the amount of energy required to activate all these 81 abilities was beyond Fei’s imagination.

Currently, the Sky Castle had already absorbed half of the energy inside the Normal Mode [Worldstone] and one-tenth of the energy inside the Nightmare Mode [Worldstone], and only the golden lotus plant that was in charge of defense blossomed, offering Fei nine defensive abilities.

From the look of it, the entire Nightmare Mode [Worldstone] wouldn’t be able to power this city!

Therefore, Fei had to take it slow.

Even though Fei wasn’t able to activate this city entirely, it was already great for Chambord.

If Chambord faced enemies who could easily crush the kingdom one day, all of its citizens could move into the Sky Castle. With all nine defensive abilities active, even gods wouldn’t be able to break through the defensive energy spheres.

Right now, the Sky Castle was enough to protect all citizens of Chambord, solving a big worry for Fei.

In the next while, Fei used all his time and altered the defensive abilities of the Sky Castle before leaving the [Godly King Palace].

The sky was already darkening, but Angela and Elena hadn’t returned from the vast back mountains and forests behind Chambord.

Fei thought about something and left Five Sword Sky Mountain, heading toward Chambord City.

Before the upcoming journey, there were things that he had to take care of.

[TL Note: The lotus plants in this chapter are a bit strange, and I had a hard time conceptualizing it. Just think that there are nine lotus flowers on one plant, and there will be in total nine of them]

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    Maybe it is petals of the flower which is nine

  3. Him using the druid to help get the Sky Castle fully operational just goes to show the importance of his other classes he has neglected

    • belkak210

      If he hadn’t completely focused on one class he would probably be dead.
      I don’t think it’s fair to say he neglected, he choose not to persue them, it’s like he forgot about them

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        Edit: It’s *not* like he forgot about them.

        I would love to see more classes but I guess we’ll have to wait until he finishes Hell mode

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        Completely right. Anyone saying otherwise clearly has trouble following the story

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