Chapter 747: People Who Aren’t Afraid of Death (Part One)

Fei appeared in the Administrative Center of Chambord right after he came into the city.

The officials in the six departments and the ministers’ offices were busy.

Fei found his father-in-law, Bast, in the Head Minister Office, and they chatted for more than an hour.

After Fei left, all the officials in the Administrative Center were summoned for an urgent meeting by the Head Minister, and it lasted more than four hours.

After that, the officials got even busier.

Fei’s next stop was the [City of Heroes] that was in the underground cave at the Back Mountain of Chambord; he didn’t take a break.

According to the schedule, Fei appeared in Chambord’s Civil and Military University as the Principal, and he taught the third class to the students. Since time was urgent, this class only lasted about one hour.

The biggest classroom in the school was packed. Even the masters from the military came here ahead of time and stood in the back of the classroom and in the hallway to listen to Fei’s lecture.

After that, Fei gave a mission to one of the professors who was in charge that day and left the school.

Then, he went to the Military Headquarters of Chambord which was located on the higher levels in the [City of Heroes].

Inside the No.1 Meeting Room of the Military Headquarters, Fei hosted the first formal military meeting.

Currently, it could be said that Chambord had many talented generals and fierce warriors. There were more than ten Moon-Class Elites, and the most capable military geniuses included Brook and Old Aryang. The latter had a mysterious background, and his military knowledge and experience were on another level. Although they had never competed directly, Fei felt like Old Aryang’s military abilities and knowledge were on par with Crown Prince Arshavin’s.

This meeting lasted exactly four hours

Fei brought up all his concerns regarding the defense of the Kingdom if he weren’t present, and he also vaguely mentioned all of his trump cards.

He only left the meeting room reassured after he got perfect answers and was sure that the Chambord Kingdom could react fast and not be conquered quickly even if powerful enemies suddenly attacked.

After Fei left, the meeting continued with Old Aryang and Brook hosting it.

Like always, Fei put on his disguise and wandered around the well-lit city with Husky, that dark-skinned and dull guard of his.

Before he left, Fei wanted to really enjoy the atmosphere of the city that was renovated under his plan. This was the rare calm and peaceful moment that he could have.

As the refreshing nightly breeze blew by, Fei suddenly relaxed, and his mood brightened after a busy day. At the same time, he was getting a little hungry.

Subconsciously, they wandered to the storefront of the Soros’ Merchant Group.

“Your Majesty, do you want to go in and relax for a bit?” Husky thought of something and suggested hesitantly.

Fei didn’t notice the expression of his dull and straightforward guard since the figure of the brilliant and capable Jessica appeared in his mind.

A sense of relief sieged his mind, yet he didn’t even detect it.

After he thought for a bit, he smiled and nodded, saying, “Eh, we should. Let’s go inside.”

Jessica was an old friend of his ever since he met her at Dual-Flags City.

After the war, both Jessica and Husky came back to Chambord with him. Even though Husky was Jessica’s brother, he stayed by Fei’s side diligently as a guard and acted according to the rules, so he didn’t have a lot of time to go and visit his sister.

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