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Hail the King Chapter 747.2

Chapter 747: People Who Aren’t Afraid of Death (Part Two)

As a single lady, it was probably tough for Jessica to live in this city that was new to her.

Fei hadn’t been here for a long time, so it was only natural for him to go and visit this girl before he went on his long journey.

It was evening right now, so it should be the busiest time for Soros’ Merchant Group’s clothing and armor store.

However, Fei and Husky walked in and discovered that there wasn’t a single customer in the store at this time; it was surprising.

Right now, only about six workers were in the giant hall, and they were gathered together and murmuring to each other with strange expressions on their faces. As they looked upstairs, they seemed a little worried. Also, they were so distracted that they didn’t even come up and greet Fei and Husky when they walked in. The atmosphere is really strange.

Fei slightly frowned.

“Ah, you are finally here…” A smart worker saw Husky who looked like a black tower, and his eyes lit up. He instantly rushed forward and called out at Husky as if he saw a savior.

Although Husky only came here a few times, he was quite famous in the city since he was one of the most trusted guards of the king, and the employees in this store who worked for Soros’ Merchant Group all knew who he was.

That worker who came up to Husky whispered something into his ears and pointed upstairs.

“What is going on?” Fei asked with a frown.

“There is a b*stard who dares to bully my sister, and he is upstairs! Damn it! I’m going to crush his balls!” Husky shouted angrily. Then, he moved toward the stairs under impulse. Since he was very used to being casual around Fei, and Fei liked this big guy’s straightforwardness, Husky cursed and used profanity.

Fei didn’t say anything, and he only followed Husky up the stairs.

The Soros’ Merchant Group was one of the wealthiest groups on the Continent, and it was a force that couldn’t be reckoned with. Therefore, this man who dared to cause trouble was either a dumb*ss or had a powerful background. Husky might not have the ability to handle this situation.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

As soon as Husky got to the staircase, a loud and arrogant voice sounded from upstairs before he could get up, “Huh? I didn’t think that there are people who aren’t afraid of death in this little regional office. How dare you interrupt my fun? Chek, don’t let him come up! Kill him!”

As soon as this man finished speaking, another man responded. Then, a dash of sharp knife energy struck toward Husky’s face.

This strike was very vicious, and the person who attacked was at least an Eight-Star Warrior.

This person used his full strength without holding back, and he was murderous.

Although Husky had been around Fei for a while now, he wasn’t that talented and was dull, unlike Drogba and Pierce who looked straightforward and tough on the outside but were thoughtful on the inside. Therefore, he wasn’t good at cultivating warrior energy.

After the [Hulk Potion] strengthened his body, he only reached Two-Star and couldn’t block this strike at all.

Then, an anxious gasp sounded from upstairs; it was from Jessica.

Fei was a bit surprised and thought, “Eight-Star Warriors are rare at Chambord. Who could this person be? I can’t really tell from the voice alone.”

The king didn’t overreact to this situation. He lightly exhaled and blew out, and that easily shattered the lethal blade energy.

Then, he pushed on Husky who was blanking out a little, and the two of them quickly got onto the second floor.

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