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Hail the King Chapter 748.1

Chapter 748: Little White Face (Part One)

As soon as Fei stepped onto the second floor, he almost laughed. The first few people he saw were the four guards who were supposed to protect Jessica. At the moment, they had bruises on their faces, and they were tied together by tight ropes that were made out of leather from demon beasts.

The strongest person amongst these four was a Four-Star Warrior, so it was clear that he couldn’t defeat that mysterious man who could command an Eight-Star Warrior.

From the look of it, it seemed like these four guards tried to fight back but were crushed and tied up. The good thing was that their opponent didn’t kill him.

Standing on the other side, there was a strong man who was holding a strangely-shaped curved knife, and he was emitting a dangerous sensation while looking at Fei and Husky in surprise. It was clear that this man cast that lethal knife energy at them.

Fei’s frown disappeared.

This warrior wasn’t a Chambordians.

He was wearing a pair of round-lantern-like pants, an opened jacket with grey and white strips on it, and a round hat. He had a light-yellow beard, and his eyes were brown and deep.

In fact, it looked like he wasn’t even a Zenitian but a foreigner who recently came to Chambord City.

Further away, a young man who was in a fancy robe and had pieces of jewelry all over his body heard the footsteps and glanced at Fei and Husky as if he were looking at two corpses. He was having a conversation with Jessica and laughing, and he was displeased that he was interrupted.

“Damn it! Kill these two low-status bumpkins!” he said faintly with an impatient expression on his face.

Even though Husky was dull, he knew that he couldn’t handle this situation on his own. Therefore, he stood aside and made way for the king. Since the king was here, he didn’t need to worry about these foreigners doing anything to his sister.

After getting the command, this Eight-Star Warrior didn’t dare to move.

He just struck out with full force, but that strike was somehow easily handled by someone quietly.

He knew that one of these two people who just came up the stairs was a master, but he didn’t know which one of them handled his strike. From the appearance and body size, it seemed like the dark-skinned tough man who walked up first was the master, but he was only a Two-Star Warrior on the surface.

However, the four guards who were beaten up and had bruised all over their bodies were pleasantly surprised when they saw Fei. They all thought to themselves, “Hey, isn’t this our boss’ secret lover behind the King of Chambord’s back? Finally, this little white face is a good help right now.”

Among the four guards, the younger one who was impatient and tried to follow Fei before directly shouted it out, “Hey, Little White Face! I know that you are a professor at the Civil and Military University, and you probably have some power. However, I have to remind you that these people aren’t simple, and you might not be able to deal with them. Quickly go and get King Alexander here. Just say that another man is teasing his lover!”

“Little White Face?” Fei almost spat out some saliva after hearing that, and he thought, “Do I really look like a little white face?”

However, he realized that he had to give them some slack since he always came here with his identity undisclosed, and the relationship between Jessica and him was a little dubious. It was easy for others to misunderstand.

“Wait, what did he say? The King of Chambord’s woman is being teased? Could it be…”

Fei instantly understood what that guard meant.

The king did hear some rumors between Jessica and him, but he didn’t know that the rumors got this big, and even Jessica’s guards believed them and thought that Jessica was his secret lover.

Fei didn’t expect to find out about this situation today, and he didn’t know how to react.

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    He really a dumb ss in this aspect lol. Who would think innocently when seeing a young man visits a maiden in the middle of the night. And he would marry two other women. Then now, when his wives are away, he visits this maiden again. He is totally an innate harem-maker.

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