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Hail the King Chapter 748.2

Chapter 748: Little White Face (Part Two)

Subconsciously, he turned his head and looked at Jessica who was being blocked by that gloomy young man, and he saw this beautiful girl looking back at him while blushing and appearing more alluring.

For some reason, Fei’s heart raced, and the word ‘lover’ jumped into his mind again.

“If this pure yet sexy and attractive girl is my secret lover… No, no, no. I shouldn’t think about that…” he thought.

“Haha! The King of Chambord’s woman? So, you are just a woman who is being fed by another man! And you are here acting all lady-like? Yuck!” That gloomy young man was a bit surprised when he heard what that guard had said, and he instantly got angry. His last bit of patience was depleted, and he no longer had that fake gentleness on his face. He sneered and said, “However, I am interested in taking a lover from a king. Hehe, after I grow tired of you, I will give you back to that damn King Alexander; how about that?”

Those four guards who were beaten up all looked at this gloomy young man in pity. They thought, “Where did this little hillbilly come from? Did he take some poison and want to die? He never heard of the name, King Alexander of Chambord, and he dares to come here and cause trouble? How dare he tries to take the King of Chambord’s woman? Pray, poor soul! The Grim Reaper is ready to embrace you!”

Husky and Jessica both got angry after hearing what this young man had said, and they wanted to say something. However, they kept quiet after seeing Fei’s sign.

Then, the king walked over without saying anything. He nodded at Jessica and asked that gloomy young man, “You are also a member of Soros’ Merchant Group?”

Fei just noticed that this young man and that Eight-Star Warrior all had the symbol of Soros’ Merchant Group on their collars, but it was clear that they weren’t under the management of the division in Zenit and were from another region.

“Who the f*ck are you? How dare you talk to me this way?” This gloomy young man had a handsome face, but his arrogant and violent temperament destroyed all his class, making other disgusted of him.

After he pointed at Fei and cursed angrily, he turned to his guard whose name was Chek and said, “What is going on? Why aren’t you listening to me? Kill these two b*stards immediately!”

Suddenly, he paused; it felt like an arrogant rooster got its neck pinched by someone.

This gloomy young man stared at Fei in shocked. After Fei waved his hand impatiently, this young man suddenly wasn’t able to speak anymore.

“He can shut up. You can answer this question for me: which division within Soros’ Merchant Group are you guys from?” Fei asked calmly as he looked at that Eight-Star Warrior.

“We… we are from the Villarreal Empire…” That Eight-Star Warrior didn’t dare to fight back, and he sweated a lot as he answered. After Fei glanced at him, he felt like a giant rock that weighed more than tens of thousands of kilograms was pressing down on his back. He couldn’t even move his finger, let alone waving his blade.

Seeing how calm his opponent was, he realized that he kicked an iron board and ran into a real master. He didn’t have time to think why there was such a master in this remote little kingdom, and all he could try to do was to save his and his young master’s lives.

With an honest expression, he continued respectfully, “Who… are you, Sir? We… my young master doesn’t know who you are, so please… please forgive us if we offended you unintentionally…”

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  1. Seriously this harem is forceful. Its okay with the two wives but these other 2 meant to be harems are just annoying ?

  2. maksvasagan

    give them to Oleg

  3. Kaeda Kenichi

    really this guy did not hear from the lunar class elites and that fei is sun class, is idiot or what?

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