Chapter 749: Departure (Part One)

[Tl Note: This chapter is a 2-in-1 chapter, so it will be split into four parts.)

“The Villarreal Empire?”

The Villarreal Empire was a big level 8 empire from the Western Region of the Continent, and its nickname was [Yellow Submarine]. It was only less powerful compared to the two giant level 9 empires in the region, which were the Madrid Empire and the Barcelona Empire.

After many years of accumulation, it was one of the dominating forces in the region, and a small empire like Zenit couldn’t rival with it.

No wonder this gloomy young man was very arrogant and acted according to his will. Fei had met a lot of people who came from big empires, and they all acted this way when they were in Zenit.

“The Villarreal Empire sent a fleet of merchant caravans to Zenit? When was this?” Fei was confused and thought, “Could it be that the Western Region of the Continent is so chaotic that they are reaching for the Northern Region?”

“We just arrived here this afternoon, and we are from the branch in Love Song City. This is Mr. Nihat’s son, and Mr. Nihat is a level 8 manager in Soros’ Merchant Group…” This Eight-Star Warrior quickly introduced themselves.

Love Song City was the Capital of the Villarreal Empire. Typically speaking, the branches in the capitals of empires were in control of all other branches within the same empire, and they had the most influence in that empire. Since Nihat was a level 8 manager in the Soros’ Merchant Group, he was one of the influential figures in the group, and his status was supreme. Even the emperors of level 2 and level 3 empires would have to pay respect to people who were on his level.

Fei laughed and said, “So, he is only the son of a damn level 8 manager, and he dares to be this reckless? How dare he act this way in Chambord? Hehe, does he think that Chambord’s Laws of the Twelve Tables are jokes?”

After saying that, he turned and looked at that gloomy young man.

Now, this young man finally realized that something was wrong. Seeing how miserable his guard was, he knew that he ran into trouble. However, he was neither anxious nor afraid. He kept his composure and stared at Fei with a mocking smile on his face while threatening lights flashed in his eyes.

“Go back and inform the representative from your branch that this young master of yours will be executed tomorrow morning as soon as the first dash of sunlight shines on the Peak of East Mountain. He disturbed the market’s order, harassed a lady, allowed his subordinate to attack others, attempted to commit murder, and disrespected the king. According to the laws of Chambord, anyone who commits these five offenses will be punished with the death penalty.”

After saying that, Fei waved his hand and made the pressure that this Eight-Star Warrior was feeling go away.

Even though this warrior was able to move freely now, he was astonished by what he heard. He thought, “This man knows that Young Master is the son of Manager Nihat, but he is still this rule-abiding? Is he crazy?”

However, he didn’t dare to say anything. Even if he tried to defend his young master, he would just die. The difference in strength between them was just too big.

Since his opponent asked him to go and report, he knew that he was spared. He wasn’t in the place to worry about if there were still room to negotiate. If he wanted to save his young master’s life, he had to go and find the decision maker from the branch who came on this trip.

That Eight-Star Warrior turned around and was about to leave.

However, after he took two steps, he turned back around and asked as if he suddenly remembered something, “Sir… Who are you?”

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