Chapter 749: Departure (Part Four)

“I don’t care! I don’t want to die! You have to save me! Save me… You are lying! Bullsh*t! No one came to my rescue last night…” As the time for the execution approached, the young man got more and more terrified, and he shouted on top of his lungs.

“It is not that no one went to save you. Young Master, all those who went to save you were killed!” The mid-aged man replied with fear in his eyes as well, “All the 46 masters who came with us, including the two Moon-Class Elites, are all dead! They weren’t able to even create a ripple. The Chambordians killed them all easily. The young man whom you offended yesterday was the King of Chambord, and he is… is already a Sun-Class Lord. Do you know what that means?”

After hearing that, this gloomy young man instantly quieted down as if he were electrocuted.

“How? How is that possible? How can there be such a powerful master in this remote and barbaric little city?” All kinds of emotions appeared on this young man’s face, and it looked like he was desperate, resentful, fearful, and regretting his decisions.

However, after seeing the cold soldiers and their weapons, this young man got crazy again. He shouted, “I don’t care! Tell my father! Tell him to send masters to come and save me! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die… The King of Chambord! How dare he try to kill me? How dare him? Is he crazy? He is a madman!”

The mid-aged man sighed, “I have already informed Mr. Nihat, but… it will take at least five days for people to come here from Love Song City… It is too late… Young Master, Master will… will avenge you. Please… please have a safe trip to the netherworld!” (Read on

Since it was early in the morning, not a lot of citizens of Chambord noticed this execution.

To many people, this was only an ordinary execution by hanging.

During these days, quite a few enemy spies and captives were killed. In fact, even several nobles of the Maze Empire and the Marse Empire were hung at this execution ground.

However, this execution was very significant to the people who knew what happened.

Only they knew what kind of status that this young man had.

This news traveled around rapidly in all directions in silence, and the influential figures who heard it were all shocked.

While this execution was happening, more than a dozen elite students of the Civil and Military University such as Louise, Pato, and Brand hopped onto the Reverse Whale Battleship, [King Alexander], at Chambord’s harbor under the lead of the king’s guard, Torres. These kids were all excited.

In the command center of the battleship, they met their king who had been waiting for them.

“Kids, are you ready?” Fei asked with a smile on his face, “This trip will be hard, and we might have to live in terrible conditions. In addition, it will be filled with danger!” (Read on

“We are ready, Principal! We have been ready for a long time! It is our honor to be able to follow you!” the students answered in excitement. They felt like they were fortunate to be picked to go on this journey around the Continent with their principal.

“Great! I hope that you won’t regret your decision!” Fei nodded in satisfaction.

Soon, a series of water-fluttering noises sounded, and the huge Reserve Whale Battleship slowly left the harbor.

Then, blue energy flames flashed, and mechanical and magical protectors extended out of the deck and covered the entire ship. Like a huge whale, the ship submerged underwater quietly and only left a few swirls on the surface of the river.

Gradually, [King Alexander] disappeared into the water and left no trace behind.

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