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Hail the King Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The Time Has Come

After hearing Emma’s words, Fei sensed something.

How could it have been so coincidental that the Eldest Princess bumped into Angela on the street and had such a heart to heart conversation that took the whole day? That princess of Zenit Empire was very cunning. Angela and Emma were both too naive to be Tanasha’s match. Fei was almost certain that the princess intentionally “met” them to steal a lot of information calmly and collectedly.

Although he knew what was going on, Fei put on a smile, “Really? Hahaha, who doesn’t love a girl like Angela? It looks like the eldest princess of the Zenit Empire was charmed by our beautiful Angela, hahaha…… Oh right, Angela, what did you talk about with her highness the whole day?”

“We talked about a lot of stuff……” Angela blushed due to Fei’s bold praise, and a shy expression appeared on her face. She pretended to fix her hair calmly, but she looked down and was too shy to look at Fei. She continued, “Her highness was very interested in Chambord’s history. We talked about a lot of old stories from when the old king was still alive, the current influential figures in Chambord, eh, and of course the Defensive War that just ended…… Alexander, her highness really admires your actions when you took on the entire enemy troops by yourself. She said that you’re a brave and intelligent king that is worth of all our respect.”

Fei could only bitterly laugh at that in his mind.

The two naive girls completely fell into that elder princess’ trap. After today, Tanasha probably knew all the things that she should and shouldn’t have known; including all the mysterious, bizarre incidences that happened to Alexander in the last couple days.

“We also talked about……Ah?” As Angela was speaking, she suddenly gasped. This pure, flawless girl finally realized something; she raised her head and looked at Fei and asked timidly, “Al……Alexander, did I say something that I shouldn’t have said?”

Fei smiled as he shook his head, “No, the things you said aren’t important……Oh, Angela, let’s not talk about that now. I have something to show you. You should give me some recommendations.” Fei grabbed Angela’s soft hand and walked towards the main palace. Angela pretended to try to pull her hand away, but after a few “unsuccessful tries”, she “gave up” and let Fei hold onto her hand. Emma who was behind them saw the whole thing and started giggling……

Emma didn’t follow them.

Fei didn’t want Angela to know what really happened. Even if Angela didn’t talk with Tanasha, she would definitely find about what happened in Chambord through other means. He never expected to hide everything from Tanasha.

They soon arrived at the main palace.

Fei took out a delicately tanned soft animal skin that was as thin as paper. He also took out a quill and started to draw on it. Although he was studying to be a linguist, he loved making sketches and was quite good at it. Quickly, a series of vivid drawings appeared on the animal skin.

Angela stood on the side and watched quietly, from confusion to a rough understanding, to staring at Fei in surprise. The smart girl finally knew what Fei was drawing on the animal skin when he was almost finished – They were a series of designs of strange looking clothes.

“Hehe, done!…… What do you think?” Angela, take a look. If we make clothes according to these designs, would you want to wear them?” Fei pointed at the animal skin and asked proudly.

The designs that he drew out were thoughtfully selected. After taking into account the history and culture on Azeroth Continent, he didn’t draw any outrageous outfits such as jeans, stockings, and mini-skirts. There were a total of 10 designs. The five female designs closely resembled European Crinolines; Fei intentionally referenced the females dressed in Pirates of Caribbean and tried to make each design very classy. The five male designs were closer to modern day men’s clothing. The main change was that Fei add on trousers – Chambord’s custom of men not wearing any pants was very uncomfortable, so Fei added pants into the designs.

Angela held the animal skin in her hands and stared at the designs. Her long eyelashes fluttered as if they were lightly brushing and tickling Fei’s heart…… She looked at them closely and opened her pretty mouth in surprise, “Alexander, these dresses are so beautiful, I like them a lot….. But, what are these things for?” Angela pointed at a few parts on the designs and asked curiously.

Fei took a look at those parts and patiently explained the function of each piece. A few dresses in Pirates of Caribbean were pretty sophisticated and complicated to make. Fei greatly simplified them using his understanding, but Angela still took the trouble to ask several times…… Fortunately, women were born with a great instinct on clothing. At last, after some in-depth explanations, Angela had completely fallen in love with these 5 sets of female clothing designs.

“I can’t wait to put these on!” the beautiful girl said.

Fei laughed.

It seemed like human’s pursuit for beauty was common, no matter where one was. The 10 designs represented an era and civilization, and they quickly conquered the future queen. This gave him a bit more confidence on one of his future plans.

“Angela, I might be very busy the next few days. Could you and Emma help me make these sets of clothes and see how the results are?” Fei asked.

“No problem. Aunt Sophia, Laura, Danny, Uncle Lawrence and I are very close. They are the best tailors in Chambord. We can definitely make these clothes in the shortest amount of time.” Angela was very happy that she was finally able to help Alexander out. She agreed without any hesitation.

“Haha, that’s great.” Fei was stoked. He rolled his eyes and suddenly said again, “Angela, to thank you, I decided to design a special gift for you.”

After he said that, he picked out the quill again and started drawing on another sheet of animal skin.

Angela was overjoyed. She couldn’t wait to see what Fei had specially designed for her. However, until Fei finished, she had no idea what was being drawn on the animal skin. There were three thin ribbons connecting two circular cloths together. Although it looked familiar, the naive girl couldn’t figure out what it was for. “Is this also clothing? How do I wear this thing? Where do I wear it?”

After seeing the puzzled look on Angela’s face, Fei whispered into the girl’s ear to explain…….


Two red clouds suddenly appeared on Angela’s fine white face. She stared at Fei “angrily”; her bashful expression suddenly took away the color in the whole world. The girl covered her face and ran out of the main palace.



In the next few days, a couple strange incidences occurred in Chambord.

The first thing was that the greedy and vicious Warden Oleg dramatically changed his attitude. He unexpectedly spent his own money and fixed up the old crumbling Healing Facility for the wounded soldiers. He also started renovating the place. According to his words, he was following the king’s command and building a new prison to keep prisoner who committed minor crimes.

It was a great feeling.

The citizens of Chambord could finally get away from that terrible hell-like Iron Prison – Water Dungeon. Before, a few citizens who only got locked up for a few months because of disputes and fights between neighbours died in the prison due to illnesses caused by the humid and cold environment. The new prison would definitely solve that problem. After considering it, a lot of citizens volunteered in the operation of building the new prison. Oleg was surprised and stoked at the same time. With more manpower, the duration of the project could shorten by a ton.

The second thing was that every night, the brave and honourable King Alexander would appear on the stone square on the north side of Castle and tell stories to the kids in the kingdom. Quickly, the story of the Evil Mage Bumblebee and his servant Sam, the Holy Druid Garfield and his summoner beast friends traveling to the west and slaying the dragon, the pure snow and the seven dwarf warriors who help defeat the female Lich King and free her kingdom, started to spread in Chambord through the kids. Gradually, except for the kids, even adults started to come to the square and listen to the king’s stories.

After a few days, the people surprisingly saw King Alexander wearing a set of strange looking clothes that no one had seen before. Although the clothes looked strange, the citizens of Chambord quickly got use to it. After seeing it for a while, the citizens gradually felt that the clothes worn by King Alexander were great. The two “cloth tubes” looked especially good and kept in a lot of warmth.

Finally, on the eighth day, Fei arrived on the square and brought a whole carriage of those special clothes. As a present, he gave them to the kids and the poor families. It was approaching late autumn and the weather was getting colder and colder. These clothes could help the poorer citizens stay warm.

Of course, Fei also wanted these clothes to become popular in Chambord through this method – his lowest goal was to at least let the citizens start to like to wear pants.

The third thing was that at the tenth day’s evening after Fei finished his story session, he announced a new law as the king – All the kids between the age of 6 to 15 had to take out one hour everyday to receive all kinds of training from the Chambord Civil and Military Acadamy. It was also recorded into the Kingdom’s Law Book, so it had to be complied with, and no parents could stop it or else it would be considered illegal.

The so called Chambord Civil and Military Academy was established in the mansion of the former Head Minister Bazzer. After some simple restructuring, the environment and the condition were very good. What made everyone go crazy in Chambord was that the teachers in the Academy included people such as the number one warrior Frank-Lampard and the new military Guru Brook. King Alexander even personally took on the role of Principal at the Academy……

After hearing of the teachers and instructors at the Academy, everyone scrambled to put their children into the Chambord Civil and Military Academy.

Some poor families were still worrying about the high cost, but after hearing that the Academy didn’t charge any fees, all their fears vanished. On Azeroth Continent where people followed the rule of the jungle, there wasn’t a single parent that didn’t want their kids to become strong warriors or powerful mages. These dreams were unreachable for them, but after hearing King Alexander’s command, their unreachable dreams were getting closer to them than they ever imagined; they could even smell it. They all knew that the word “gift” was more fitting than the word “command”; it was the generous gift from the kind King Alexander. Letting their kids get instructed by the strong star ranked warriors was an opportunity for their kids to change their own destinies and lives.

Great and Merciful King Alexander.

Chambord had never been so busy and cheerful these past couple of days. The young King Alexander continued to bring his subjects one unexpected surprise after another. The citizens had gotten used to wearing the good looking and comfortable trousers when they chatted and drank. When they proudly talked about their son or daughter getting praised by Mr. Lampard, they were always tempted to shout “Long live the King!”, as they hit their wine glasses together, sending their young king the best wishes with stunning sounds.


Of course, Fei didn’t relax either these couple of days.

Except for taking care of trifling matters, he spent a ton of time in the Royal Library. He read almost all the books and his understanding of Azeroth Continent grew exponentially. At the same time, Fei didn’t give up on studying the various skills from the Diablo World. His Barbarian was already level 20. the Sorceress was level 10, his Paladin was level 12 and his Necromancer Character was level 12……

He also had accumulated about a dozen bottles of 【Hulk Potion】. Through these days of research and experimentation, Fei almost fully understood the effects this “mutated potion”. He felt it was time to use this potion to enhance the strength of the leaders in Chambord.

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