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Hail the King Chapter 750.1

Chapter 750: A Small Legend (Part One)

-The Southern Region of Zenit-

By the time Emperor Yassin passed the second conscription, the region that was controlled by the Ten-Empire United Troops had fallen into endless wars.

The only province of Zenit which had a coastline, Green Wind Province, was on the edge of the [Sea of Fragrance] and beside the Storm Point Bay, and a huge portion of the area beside the Storm Point Bay was the territory of a level 3 affiliated kingdom of Zenit, the Byzantine Kingdom.

This little affiliated kingdom had a small legend of its own.

The Byzantine Kingdom was only a small level 6 empire, and it didn’t have a big population.

Since the old king passed away a year ago, the control of the kingdom fell into the head minister’s hands. The head minister was a cunning and ambitious character, and he always wanted to overthrow the royal family. Therefore, he conspired with the prominent noble families in the kingdom and tried to act on his plan. As a result, the atmosphere in the kingdom was low and sad.

Just as the royal family was about to wither, the young king somehow got the help from King Alexander of Chambord during the competition among all affiliated kingdoms. Not only did the ambitious and ill-intentioned head minister die, but the young king also received a fist technique from the King of Chambord.

Then, he got into the top 50 in the individual power ranking, and he advanced into peak Four-Star within half a year, becoming the most powerful master in the kingdom.

In addition, since the Byzantine Kingdom received financial support and resources from the Chambord Kingdom, it quickly got rid of the invaders of Spartax from a while back and steadied itself as a level 3 affiliated kingdom, becoming one of the few most influential forces in the Green Wind Province that could even rival with the Green Wind City which was the provincial capital of Green Wind Province.

The previous Prince Constantine also got canonized by the Empire and became the official new king, and he married his lover, Izabella.

The new king was generous and kind to his citizens, and his policies were all for the development of the kingdom. Since the kingdom was at a very favorable location with fertile land and access to water, the strength of the kingdom continued to grow, and its citizens had better and peaceful lives.

Later, King Constantine followed Crown Prince Arshavin to the war against the Spartax Empire, and he earned a lot of military merits. Also, his strength skyrocketed as he became a peak Eight-Star Warrior. His high-level combat technique, [Seven Injure Fist], was well known to his enemies. It was mighty, and it was heard that even Moon-Class Elites didn’t want to battle this talented king if they didn’t need to.

This should be the perfect plot that only existed in the stories which were told by the traveling poets. According to the typical trajectory, the king and queen should live happily ever after, and their citizens should have happy lives as well.

However, the arrival of the new war destroyed everything.

Ten days ago, the Ten-Empire United Troops invaded the Zenit Empire.

The vicious enemies instantly burned the fertile land in the Green Wind Province, destroyed many families, and wiped out many villages. All the crops that were just planted were burned to ashes, the dense forests were cut down, and many innocent people were killed.

Now, the rotten smell of corpses permeated the air, and many vultures flew in the sky while crying, covering the sunlight.

The beautiful homeland to many people was turned into a living hell which was filled with blood and death.

As one of the most prominent forces in the Green Wind Province, the Byzantine Kingdom couldn’t escape from such fate.

The Capital of the Kingdom was conquered, and the King’s Palace became the temporary campsite of the troops of Leon.

More than half of the elite soldiers of Byzantine were killed in the raid, and King Constantine had to lead the rest of the soldiers and some of his citizens into the sea. By using their advantage of the navy, they were barely able to hold against the attack of the enemies.

A few days ago, the good news came, making all the people of Zenit excited.

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