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Hail the King Chapter 750.2

Chapter 750: A Small Legend (Part Two)

It was heard that the Byzantine Kingdom’s biggest savior, the King of Chambord, unleashed his unparalleled power and helped the soldiers of Zenit defeat the enemies who had surrounded St. Petersburg. The big victory turned the losing streaks and momentum around, giving the Empire a chance to breathe under the attack of the Ten-Empire United Troops. Now, the enemies had backed into the Red Leaf Province, and the Empire was now organizing a counterattack.

The war was now in a relatively peaceful and stalemate situation.

This was already great news to the citizens of Zenit who were in the territories of Zenit that had already fallen into the hands of the enemies.

In the last few days, the soldiers of Leon who camped in the Byzantine Kingdom no longer tried to hunt down the soldiers of Byzantine who were still hiding in the territory, and they didn’t kill innocent civilians and burned down their homes. There were also fewer bloody heads hanging on the city gate.

Last night, some people even saw that the Leonians sent 4,000 soldiers to support the united troops that got defeated and backed into the Red Leaf Province.

This was great news to the troops of the Byzantine Kingdom who had been hiding on the sea.

“Hahaha! Great news! The b*stards of Leon are now divided! Since the enemies are weakening, the number of enemies in our capital is less than 6,000! Tonight, we can raid the enemies and give them a huge blow! Let’s kill these bloody butchers and avenge our brothers and sisters!”

Under the planning of the young and legendary King Constantine, the elite soldiers of Byzantine who survived until now launched their counterattack. By using the intense mist on the sea, the ships traveled from the sea and into the broad moat around the Capital. Then, under the help of the citizens who were loyal to the kingdom and spies, the soldiers successfully charged into the city!

The shouts and roars instantly sounded within the city.

The blazing and colorful warrior energy flames lit up this broken city, making it seem like it was daytime.

In the beginning, the soldiers of Byzantine were in the advantage with the help of spies and other loyal citizens, charging forward dominantly and taking the soldiers of Leon by surprise. Their enemies continued to back off, and they were very close to the King’s Palace which was in the center of the city.

“Charge into the King’s Palace and kill the b*stards of Leon!”

With bright green warrior energy flames around him, Constantine dashed forward, and his violent fist energies turned into green lights. No one was able to defend against him, and the soldiers of Leon fell one after another like crops under a farmer’s sickle. Filled with hatred and anger, the soldiers and citizens of Byzantine dashed forward with weapons and followed their king, charging at the King’s Palace fearlessly…

Military officials and high-level nobles of Leon were currently living in the King’s Palace.

Each citizen of Byzantine wanted to kill these b*stards whose hands were stained by the blood of the innocent Zenitians. They wanted to tear their enemies into pieces and eat them alive!


King Constantine used his [Seven Injure Fist] to its peak, and each of his strikes was either soft, powerful, straight, curled, hot, cold… Each of the punches was different, and it was hard to predict what the next punch would be. All his opponents screamed and fell to the ground without having the ability to fight back.

In just a few minutes, they broke through more than a dozen defense-lines and charged into the King’s Palace.

The soldiers and citizens of Byzantine cheered loudly and dashed into the palace one after another bravely.

At this moment, something unexpected happened.

A series of loud and arrogant laughter sounded from the depth of the palace, “Hahahaha! I knew that you, dirty mice, will come here and make trouble! It is a good opportunity! We will trap you all and exterminate this kingdom once for all! From now on, the entire Green Wind Province of Zenit will belong to the Leon Empire!”

As soon as this person finished, many powerful auras rose from the palace, making the soldiers and citizens of Byzantine shiver.

At the same time, a series of shouts sounded around the city, coming from all directions. Many soldiers of Leon who were dressed in bright armor appeared and surrounded the Byzantinians.

This was a carefully planned killing trap!

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