Chapter 751: King Flag of Chambord (Part One)

[TL Note: This chapter is a 2-in-1 chapter, so it will be split into 4 parts]

“Oh no!” King Constantine was shocked, and he punched away a few soldiers of Leon and turned around as he shouted without hesitation, “Retreat! Retreat immediately!”

At this moment, he knew that he had underestimated his enemies and fell into the trap that was set up by his enemies.

Both were kings, but Constantine’s strength couldn’t be compared with Fei’s. In addition, his advisor wasn’t as good as Old Aryang who was on par with [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin.

However, since King Constantine had been around Fei and Arshavin for a while, and he had picked up a thing or two. Even though he couldn’t be compared with these two ‘Titans’ of Zenit, he didn’t lack the judgment and decisiveness of a great king.

At this critical moment, he didn’t try to take on the trap which was set up by the Leonians head-on, and he didn’t want to use the lives and blood of his soldiers and citizens to prove his pride and merit.

He instantly turned around and ordered his men to retreat.

This on-time decision saved the lives of the 2,000 elite soldiers of Byzantine.

Before those powerful masters of Leon who revealed their auras could dash out, the people of Byzantine already started to retreat orderly under their king’s command.

In this dangerous situation, the soldiers of Byzantine who even ditched their Capital didn’t collapse like a sand sculpture in front of great force. After a short moment of chaos, the soldiers of Byzantine unleashed great combat force like an awakened lion! Not a single soldier of Byzantine showed fear, and they dashed at their enemies, trying to use their own lives to save the lives of their peers and loved ones!

The soldiers of Leon who surrounded the soldiers of Byzantine were well-trained and had many great weapons and armors. However, they weren’t in an advantage in front of their opponents!

“Don’t feel anxious! Go back the way we came and back onto the ships! Let’s escape back onto the sea!”

In the night, the young King Constantine was enveloped by his green warrior energy flames as he showcased great power.

He blocked more than 1,000 elite soldiers of Leon who were chasing after them, and the fist energies that he shot out using the [Seven Injure Fist] dashed forward like continuous waves; no one was able to get within 100 meters of him.

Warriors of Leon who unleashed their warrior energies jumped at King Constantine one after another, trying to defeat the young king. However, they were sent flying as soon as they met the fist energies of the [Seven Injure Fist].

Two Eight-Star Warriors of Leon who dashed out of the King’s Palace had already died under the [Seven Injure Fist] of Constantine.

The power that their king displayed boosted the morale of the Byzantinians, and they retreated in an orderly fashion. In less than 20 minutes, more than 2,000 soldiers of Byzantine charged through more than 6,000 elite soldiers of Leon and got onto their ships.

The only problem right now was that the Leonians who chased after them appeared near the moat like a flood, and fire arrows were shot out like raindrops in a storm. If no one stayed behind to block their enemies, the ships wouldn’t be able to move away in time, and the fire arrows might destroy them!

“Your Majesty! Please leave! We will stop the Leonians!”

At this critical moment, the ordinary citizens of Byzantine who supported their king’s mission turned around and dashed at the elite soldiers of Leon with sickles, hoes, hammers, and fishing tridents.

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