Chapter 751: King Flag of Chambord (Part Four)

Constantine stood at the bow of the ship that was charging at the front, and his hands rested on the hilt of his sword which was standing on the deck.

Right now, he was worried about his wife, Izabella, who was hiding at a secret island with the protection of a few soldiers of Byzantine. He felt like it was a pity that he couldn’t see his pregnant wife again before his death.

He wasn’t afraid of death. In this cold, chaotic world, he wouldn’t be the first king who died for his kingdom, and he wasn’t going to be the last one.

This battle allowed him to fulfill the duty as the king!

The battle would make the souls of the Byzantinians who died under the blades of Leonians proud!

This battle would tell the Imperial Martial Saint that he didn’t choose the wrong person!

This battle was going to prove the bravery of the King of Byzantine and the courage of the Byzantinians!

Death was nothing to fear!

The battleships were closer than ever. In fact, Constantine even saw the wicked smiles on the faces of the soldiers of Leon who were standing on the giant ship of Leon which was in between other ships. Now, he also got a clear look of that cold and calm face of the commander of the navy of Leon.

Arrows were already shot out, and the soldiers on both sides were pierced by them and fell into the water, splashing up bloody waves.

The fleets of Leon already surrounded the ships of Byzantine like a group of hungry vultures, and the less than 30 worn-out ships of Byzantine looked fragile and powerless.

Already having accepted death, Constantine turned around and smiled at his comrades.

Just as he was about to leap out and attack, something mystical occurred.

As if a giant water beast were about to surface between the ship that Constantine was on and the ship that the commander of Leon was on, giant swirls appeared between them.

There were fewer than 100 meters between them, but it seemed like the sea level around the area was rising as water splashed in all directions.

Both parties noticed the unexpected change, and they all slowed down their ships.

A giant, black object slowly floated onto the surface of the water.

There were blue magic energy flames around it, and then there were the vicious mechanical components that had seaweed on them. Water was rushing out of the deck, and the central command center was bulging out. There were openings for arrows to shoot out of crossbows and cannonballs to dash out of cannons, and there was a lethal unicorn-like ram in the front.

All of these indicated that this large black object was a ship! A ship that could submerge underwater!

It was a shocking scene.

“The ship of the Sea Tribe?” This thought emerged in the minds of people on both sides. Only the Sea Tribe which hadn’t appeared around the continent for thousands of years had such ships that could move underwater.

However, the Sea Tribe wouldn’t get within 100 kilometers of the coastline in normal circumstances.

The atmosphere suddenly got strange.

If this ship really were from the Sea Tribe, which was known as the ruler of the sea, then both the navy of Byzantine and the navy of Leon would be crushed. They couldn’t defeat the ship of Sea Tribe even if they joined forces.

Both sides got cautious and slowed down their ships.

At this moment, a flag with a two-headed dog that had a sword and an ax in its mouths slowly rose from this strange ship.

Constantine shivered as a thrilled expression appeared on his face; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing! He asked one of his guards beside him with a shaky voice, “Do… do you guys see… do you guys see that? Is that the King Flag of Chambord? Is Alexander His Majesty here?”

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