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Hail the King Chapter 752.1

Chapter 752: Fame (Part One)

It was the first time Fei and the elite students of Chambord’s Civil and Military University experienced traveling underwater in [King Alexander].

The Zuli River in front of Chambord City passed through more than half of the territory of Zenit and merged into the [Sea of Fragrance] which was to the south of Zenit. Since the current was rapid, and there were many water beasts in the river, ships rarely traveled in this river. In addition, the waves in the river were big, and many submerged reefs were hidden underwater, making this water path under utilized.

Even the navy of Zenit were only scattered around the [Sea of Fragrance], which was an inland sea. They rarely entered the Zuli River to access the territory of Zenit.

Since [King Alexander] left Chambord City, it had been traveling underwater most of the time; it only had to come up to the surface of the water to get some air once a few days.

After about three days of traveling either underwater or on the surface, [King Alexander] finally got to the end of the Zuli River and entered the [Sea of Fragrance].

This magical battleship that was built based on the blueprint of the Reverse Whale Battleship from the Mythical Era was comfortable. When it was traveling, it was able to go as deep as 100 meters underwater, and it had all kinds of facilities on the ship. Every time it came to the surface of the water, it was able to use the small magic arrays to store enough oxygen for about 100 people for two days. No wonder this ship was one of the most powerful watercrafts in the Mythical Era that passed through the test of war and time.

In Fei memory of his previous life, there were high-tech watercrafts like nuclear submarines, and it seemed like [King Alexander], the product of the magic civilization, was not inferior to the metal technologies. In fact, due to the existence of magic elements, [King Alexander] was better than the submarines on Earth in many ways.

In the last three days, the king and the students were satisfied by the experience of traveling underwater. Through the magic screens, they saw all kinds of strange and mysterious fishes and water beasts. It was a mystical and novel experience.

-On the morning of the fourth day-

According to schedule, [King Alexander] floated onto the surface of the water to get fresh air.

As soon as the King Flag of Chambord was raised on the ship, the first person who climbed onto the deck from the concealed cabin was Husky, Fei’s dull guard. After a few days, this simple and straightforward man was already used to this job. When he took a deep breath on the surface of the sea and was about to order the bylaw enforcement officers to clean the seaweed and shells off the surface of the ship before continuing forward on the surface of the sea, he suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

When he looked up, he noticed that fleets of battleships surrounded them like herds of sharks.

“Damn it! We are surrounded?” Although Husky was muscular and had a smaller brain, he realized what was happening. He looked up at the black military flags of Leon and roared, “Prepare for battle! These damn Leonians chased us until here! These despicable b*stards! How dare they surround King Alexander His Majesty? I will tear them apart!”

The Leon Empire was a big enemy of Zenit. Therefore, the military flag of this dominating empire was well-known to the Zenitians.

Red magic lights instantly started to flash on [King Alexander], and the ear-piercing siren broke the peaceful silence on the [Sea of Fragrance].

Suddenly, the various gates on the deck opened, and bylaw enforcement officers appeared. At the same time, the magic energy sphere around the ship quickly disappeared, and all kinds of magic crossbows and cannons showed themselves around the ships as well, revealing the sharp arrows that were as thick as spears.

In an instant, [King Alexander] turned into a giant war beast that was weaponized to the teeth, looking vicious and chilly.

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